Review of ‘A heart to call home’ by Jeannie Levig.

A terrible tragedy left teenagers Dakota Scott and Jessie Weldon in opposite sides of a family feud. But after meeting again as adults they are both unable to deny their mutual attraction. Can they explore their feelings further or accept that their past history is an insurmountable obstacle?

This book’s main premise is a difficult starting point for a romance. Can love be built over the flimsy foundations of pain and mistrust, even when events happened many years ago? In ‘A heart to call home’ somehow Ms. Levig does the trick. As Dakota and Jessie get to know each other, they also discover things about themselves which change them profoundly. The main characters embark on a soul searching journey which is moving, poignant and sometimes heart-breaking. The reader joins this emotional rollercoaster suffering and enjoying along with the characters. It is one hell of a ride. My only issue about this book is that the ending seems too abrupt and would have benefited from a bit more development. Despite this, it is a very recommendable read.

Overall, an emotional, compelling romance. 4.5 stars

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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