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LezReviewBooks.com is a website dedicated to reviewing lesbian books and audiobooks. We are a team of 5 reviewers each specializing in different subgenres such as romance, erotica, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, etc. We have published more than 400 reviews of books throughout more than 2 years of work.


Gaby Maurino (Content Editor)



Gaby was born in Argentina where she started to pursue an eclectic mix of interests. Equipped with degrees in Optics and Political Science, she left her home country to study Music and Museology. Now living in Northern Ireland with her partner and their two boys, she enjoys the only three constants in her life: family, travel and reading. Her favorite genres are romance and mystery.

Tere H. (Contributor)



Tere was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She moved to the United States to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian and now practices in the northeastern region, where she lives with her wife, two daughters and a few other creatures. Her free time is spent corralling the kids, collecting Harry Potter items, usually unsuccessfully trying to sit by a campfire and reading lesfic. She loves medical and first responder stories but above all, a good romance with a great ending.

Lex Kent (Contributor)

Lex Kent


Lex Kent was born and raised in Vermont where she still lives to this day. She currently works for the small town she lives in but itches to get out of the office. She is currently single, living with a dog that looks like a sausage. Around fifteen years ago she picked up a book by Radclyffe and has been in love with lesfic ever since. If she is not busy reading lesfic she is probably watching the Red Sox at Fenway Park or on TV. While Lex’s favorite lesfic books are fantasy, paranormal/urban fantasy, sci-fi and mysteries, she prefers them to have a great romance.

Sandra M. (Contributor)


Sandra was born and still lives in Switzerland. Except for six years in Basel, she always lived in her hometown Zurich, now together with her wife and two cats. As her daily job, she works in layout for a Swiss newspaper (employed part-time) and self-employed as a photographer and graphic designer. After work she likes to be at or in the lake of Zurich, meet friends or just sitting anywhere reading lesfic. Her favorite genres are romance, crime, thriller, mystery or suspense, about cops and docs, first responders or sportswomen. After saving enough money she will be traveling, especially to South Africa, where she’s hunting all kinds of animals with her camera.

Bethany K. (Contributor)


 Bethany is an avid reader, averaging about 1 book per day, and you will rarely see her without her Kindle in hand.  In her daily life, she’s a licensed US Customs Broker, forced to read drab government regulations on a regular basis, so she works hard to escape into the fictional world as much as possible!  She’s a baseball junkie, home DIY re-modeler, and an animal lover.  Her favorite stories have always been mystery, suspense, and thriller-style reads, especially if they aren’t predictable!  If she won the lottery, Bethany would hide her introverted self at home, surrounded by books, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and as many mini schnauzers as possible!

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