Sapphic Horror Book

A Wild Sapphic Horror Book

Sapphic Horror Book Review of ‘Wilder girls’ by Rory Power

3.5 Stars. Well, that was really different. This book’s genre was touted as Sapphic Horror. How could I pass this book up after hearing that? However, I must admit I could have used more Sapphic and more horror. The horror elements to me felt almost more creepy/gory than scary horror so that was a little bit of a disappointment as I was hoping for a bit of both. This is a Young Adults book. I’m not an expert in what books are good for what aged kids but I see this as more of an older teen and adult story.

The story centers around three friends who are living in a boarding school where everyone has contracted some sort of contagion. They fight for food, they fight against the wilds of the island, and they fight the disease in hopes that the Navy will soon be bringing them a cure. People have compared this to William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ but with girls, I do see that, but this really felt like the story that comes before any zombie apocalypse book, movie or show. When the government thinks it knows what it’s doing when it doesn’t know anything, this is the book before it all falls apart.Read More »

Lesbian family drama book

A Lesbian Family Drama book more than a romance

Lesbian Family Drama Book Review of ‘Because I said so’ by Karin Kallmaker


3.5 Stars. I have a lot of respect for Kallmaker. She has had such a long and impressive career that whenever her name comes up I kick myself for not having read more of her back library. I am, however, happy to make sure to read any new books she puts out. I really enjoyed her last book ‘My Lady Lipstick‘ so I do have to admit I was a little bummed that I didn’t enjoy this book as much.

I do not want to go into any summaries because it would be easy to give too much away. What I do want to talk about is that I didn’t really feel like this book was a romance. I think I would put it more in the family-drama category. This book did have two main women with some potential between them, but this book was really about their families (blood and the kinds you make) and their jobs.Read More »

Lesbian Romance book

An entertaining lesbian romance book

Lesbian Romance Book Review of ‘Sunsets and Shades’ by Erica Lee

Grace Harper needs to regroup during her summer teaching break as her life is still in disarray after she found her girlfriend of four years cheating on her months ago. She reconnects with childhood friend Leah and asks if she can go visit her in Philadelphia. Leah’s roommate is no other than lesbian romance author Laurel Lake, except in real life, she is Kinsley Scott.

Laurel is a hopeless romantic like her fan Grace, but Kinsley is sarcastic and does not believe in love. As Leah spends time with her boyfriend, she leaves Grace and Kinsley to fend for themselves. Opposites at many things, the arguments are constant. However, there is an undeniable attraction that just makes Kinsley push Grace away out of sheer fear. Can she conquer her doubts and offer Grace a happily very after?Read More »