Legally lesbian.

Review of ‘Practice makes perfect’ by Carsen Taite.

This is book 1 of ‘Legal affairs’, the new series by Carsen Taite which follows a group of three friends, Campbell, Abby, and Grace, partners in a boutique law firm in Austin. Ms. Taite is well known for her legal thrillers and books in which law issues are at the forefront but, according to the author, this series will be light on the legal side. ‘Practice makes perfect’ focuses on Campbell’s story.

Campbell Clark is an accomplished lawyer on her way to making partner in a big law firm. As she is tired of working for others, she decides to be her own boss and open her own firm with two besties from law school, Abby and Grace. Their chance to land a big client appears in the shape of a billion-worth internet startup facing a crucial demand. In order to win the client over she’ll have to compete with Wynne Garrity, associate lawyer of a big law firm. Wynne seems uptight and all work and no play, but as they get to know each other, their romantic involvement could threaten all that they have been fighting for. Will they still take a chance on love?

This series’ concept reminds me of Melissa Brayden’s ‘Soho loft’ series in which friendship and business merge in a boutique advertising agency. ‘Practice makes perfect’ is similar to ‘Kiss the girl’, the first book of the Soho Loft, in which the love interests also have to compete with each other to win an important client. However, the similarities stop there as Ms. Taite manages to create a world in which the city of Austin, yummy donuts and impulsive online purchases play a big part.

This is possibly the funniest of Taite’s books with good use of banter and witty dialogues. The main characters are well portrayed and even though the romance is very slow-burn, it’s realistic and angst-free. The chemistry is sizzling and the intimate scenes are well written. I would have liked Ms. Taite to spend more time in depicting the other two friends personalities better and to see them interacting more but I’m sure their friendship is going to be explored further in the next couple of books. Can’t wait to see where Ms. Taite takes Abby and Grace.

Overall, a very good start of a series full of fun, romance, and donuts. 4 stars.

ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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I love this fantasy series.

Review of ‘A Bird of Sorrow’ by Shea Godfrey.

I enjoyed this, I thought it was a good read, but I am disappointed that I didn’t love this book. This is the third book in the epic fantasy series of Arravan. I love this series. The first two books were both 5 stars for me. That’s why even though I liked this book, I was bummed I could not put another full 5 star rating up. This is another series that I highly, highly recommend reading in order. Since reading book 2 of this series, I have read over a thousand books before I read this one. I found my memory to be a bit stuffed and I was a little lost in the beginning of this book. It took a while for my memory to kick in and remember all the characters and important plot points. If I was a little lost having read all three books, I just think it would be pretty confusing for someone new to start the series here.

I think one of the reasons I’m a little disappointed is because I expected this to be the end of the series. Book 2 was written almost five years ago. I was actually almost giving of hope of ever reading a book 3. I wrongly assumed that Godfrey came back to the series, after all this time, to give us a grand finale. Instead, this book wasn’t the end, and it felt like a lot of filler. Yes, some important things did happen, but this felt like Godfrey had written one big final book and it got cut into two and this was part one. While there was a little excitement towards the end, this book felt much slower than the previous one. I kept waiting for more to happen but it didn’t. It was also very mystical, diving into the Darry’s magic, which was important but it dragged on too long for me.Read More »

In ‘The pet boutique’ the dog steals the show.

Review of ‘The pet boutique’ by Suzie Carr.

Taylor Henshaw is an accomplished bestselling author suffering from writer’s block. To help her find her writing mojo again, her editor sends her to work in a pet shop that needs serious building renovations. While working on the project, Taylor meets Lexie Tanner, an attractive photographer and pet shop manager. As the refurbishment project progresses, Taylor and Lexie explore their budding attraction, but Taylor is a complicated woman dealing with bereavement and unsolved issues from her past. Will they have a happily ever after?

This is a slow-burn romance with the background of a building renovation and a cute dog as a co-lead. ‘The pet boutique’ refurbishment progresses as Taylor rebuilds her life and heals her old wounds. Both women leads are multi-layered and believable, their chemistry is built slowly but surely with the help of Cashmere, the dog, who acts as a facilitator in their relationship. Ms. Carr knows how to bring a dog character to life, to showcase their bonding with humans, their ability to support their masters in times of need and to understand the heartbreak of losing a pet.Read More »

A blissful read.

Review of ‘Blissfully Blindsided’ by Robin Alexander.

Well, this was just another funny and delightful read by Robin Alexander!

Caleigh Breaux has just relocated to her grandparent’s town in Southern Louisiana after taking a job at a local company. After her previous job required constant travel and made a relationship impossible, she is ready to put down roots and find someone special. She meets Blaze Sonnier literally on her way to town as her car gets a flat tire and Blaze stops to help. There is some immediate chemistry but they part ways with no plans to see each other. What follows is a funny story about love, family, the town, and making amends…with some romance in there too.

Blaze’s character is by far my favorite. She is, how can I say this, misunderstood. Her life seems to be a constant stream of hilarious events that have been twisted and blown out of proportion by the townspeople. Caleigh is also a likable character with her own silly situations. Likewise, Blaze’s sister going through menopause was both comical and scary.
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New ink of life by Jennie Davids

‘New ink on life’ is indelible.

Review of ‘New ink on life’ by Jennie Davids.

3.75 Stars. I didn’t really have any expectations going into this book. I don’t have any tattoos but I’ve always been “the support friend” to go and help distract my friends from the pain of theirs. Personally, I’d love to geek out and get a big dragon tattoo going down my arm, but I’m not doing that at the local ‘buy one get one free’ tattoo shop. I would want to go to NYC or LA and get a real piece of art, so until then I’m inkless. But luckily, being inkless didn’t stop me one bit from really enjoying this book. I was hooked from the first few pages and I found the story had a nice flow that was really easy to read. This is not perfect, but this is a quality debut book.

We all have our own personal triggers, mine happens to be books about cancer. I’ve lost so many people in real life that I don’t like reading about cancer in a piece of fiction. While this book was about a character having cancer, it was about her being a warrior that is fighting the disease. Not only was she a warrior against the disease but she wants to take that approach in how she lives her life. It was really nice to see this different way to address such an awful disease and I thought it was really well done.Read More »

‘In the palm’ won’t leave you stranded.

Review of ‘In the palm’ by Elna Holst.

This was a good read. I have wanted to read something by Holst for a while. When I saw she had written a lesfic novella about being stranded on a deserted island, I knew chances were good I would enjoy this. I’m not sure what it is but I always enjoy reading books and watching movies about people surviving on an island. I’m glad this held up to my expectations and I was definitely entertained.

The story is about a woman who wakes up on an island in the middle of nowhere. She has no idea how she arrived or even what her name is, but she does know she needs to cut her hand off if she is going to survive. This it, that’s all I’m going to say. Frankly, the beginning immediately captured my attention and I could not put this novella down. And while it is a novella, it feels like a good length. It doesn’t have that rushed feeling; it felt like a full and satisfying story.
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