Lesbian Fauxmance Book

Lesbian Fauxmance Book with an interesting twist

Lesbian Fauxmance Book Review of ‘Cause and Affection’ by Sheryl Wright

3.25 Stars. Parts of this book really clicked for me, other parts unfortunately just didn’t work.

I love lesbian fauxmances books, they are my favorite lesfic romances to read. I feel authors have to work extra hard to make the romance believable since there is no love at first sight. This fauxmance had an interesting twist where only one character didn’t realize the romance was real. I like that Wright took a chance at something different, but I do have to say that I don’t think it worked quite as well as the regular fauxmance theme. While I liked the main characters together and felt a connection forming, I didn’t get that intense chemistry I normally feel in fauxmances.

When it came to the setting of Vegas and Toronto and the inner workings of Kara’s company, that is where I thought the book shined. Even with Kara’s relationship with her father being dysfunctional, her other familiar relationships were the best parts of the book. I was wrapped up in the boardroom scenes, the scenes with Kara’s siblings, and even the contentious scenes with her father. All the Wexler family scenes worked well and kept me turning the pages.Read More »

Lesbian Romance Book

A beautiful Lesbian Romance Book

Lesbian Romance Book Review of ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ by Melissa Brayden.


Philadelphia real state broker Devyn Winters left her small hometown of Dreamers Bay a few years ago. She likes the fast pace of a big city and works hard in her successful career. When she comes back to Dreamers Bay due to a family emergency, she meets again with former high school classmate Elizabeth Draper. Unlike Devyn, Elizabeth likes the slow pace and small-town dynamics. They couldn’t be more different from one another, but their attraction is undeniable. They both know that any relationship will be temporary. How are they going to avoid heartbreak?

This is a return to hometown lesbian romance book between two former high school classmates who didn’t share the same social circles in the past and seem to have opposite personalities. Elizabeth lives in Dreamers Bay and is the sole owner of a small company that does odd jobs, she’s sociable, perky and cute. Devyn is a go-getter, successful real state broker who only socialises for work purposes and has no friends. Do opposites attract?

Even though ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ started with a bit of a fast-moving mystery, quite unusual for this author, it felt as if the book dragged a bit in the first half and I couldn’t feel that sizzling chemistry and tension between the mains that Ms. Brayden is so well known for. However, in the second half, the book picked up the pace and the romance developed beautifully.Read More »

The angsty road to Madison.

Review of ‘The road to Madison’ by Elle Spencer.

This is a second chance story with angst. But, aren’t all second chance stories ‘angsty’?

Madison Prescott is the only heir to a multimillion dollar company and estate. Raised by her conservative father, her path in life has been predetermined by her last name. This is derailed by Madison’s relationship with the maid’s daughter, Ana Perez when they were both kids. Now in their 30s, 15 yrs after Madison proposed then abandoned Ana, her father died. Can Madison pursue the love of her life once again, or are the wounds she created too deep for Ana’s heart to overcome?Read More »