Review of ‘A Lover’s Mercy’ by Fiona Zedde.

I was really looking forward to this book and I’m glad to say it met my expectations. This was really entertaining and I could not put the book down. While this is technically book 5 in The Superheroine Collection, you do not need to read four books before this. However, this is a sequel to Book 2 ‘The Power of Mercy’. I highly recommend reading that book first before you read this one. This book picks up where ‘The Power of Mercy’ left off and you would be missing out on a good amount of story including some important twists if you do not read it first.

This is a quick read and it’s so hard to tell on my Kindle but I think technically this is a novella, but the story is full and vibrant so it feels like a novel. These two books by Zedde are more hardcore superhero books. In fact ‘The Power of Mercy’ was a little dark at times. This book was a little lighter and focused more on the relationship between the two mains, but there is still violence and plenty of superhero action. Don’t read these books looking for a fluffy story.

After reading ‘The Power of Mercy’ I was really hoping for a sequel. Mercy or ‘Mai’ was still really growing as a person and I wanted to see more of her. I must admit I was a little disappointed this whole book was in the POV of X. I like first person so that’s not my issue, but I was disappointed not to get more from Mai’s headspace. I must admit while X is a bit of a hard character, after getting to know and connect to her more she definitely grew on me.

I don’t want to say too much more because of spoilers for people who have not read the first book. I will say if you are enjoying the Superheroine collection, absolutely grab this. If you liked ‘The Power of Mercy’, chances are you might even like this one better. Having more romance/relationship between the mains was a real treat. I don’t know if Zedde plans to write more in this series. A lot of loose ends are tied up so it could end here. But if she does write more I will absolutely read them.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

Review of ‘Shadow hand’ by Sacchi Green.

This is book four of ‘The superheroine collection’ featuring different Ylva Publishing authors under the common theme of lesbian superheroines. There has been a couple of very good books in this series such as ‘Shattered’ by Lee Winter and ‘Chasing Stars’ by Alex K. Thorne.

Lieutenant Ashton receives the power to move objects with her hand by a goddess while deployed by the US Army somewhere on the Middle East desert. When her abilities are discovered, she is sent to a special division in Germany to research her powers as a potential weapon of war. Separated from her longtime lover Sargent Cleo Brown, she looks for ways to get together again and use her powers for a greater good.

Sacchi Green is a seasoned author of short stories but this is her debut novel which, in my opinion, wasn’t successful. I feel that her writing style is a bit distant and impersonal. For me, the book reads as a chronicle or a bird’s-eye view of series of events. As the main characters’ intimacy is described in a detached way, their scenes together feel devoid of emotion, too clinical. That really affected my connection with the characters and the story as a whole.

The plot seems a bit contrived and unrealistic even for the sci-fi world the author built. For example, Shadow Hand’s lack of secrecy about her powers and real identity doesn’t follow usual superhero behaviour. I also feel that the book ended rather abruptly, it would have been good to see how the relationship between both main characters evolve.

Overall, a good idea that fails on the execution. 2.5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Review of ‘Chasing stars’ by Alex K. Thorne.

This is the third book in Ylva Publishing’s The Superheroine Collection series of stand alone novels by different authors. The bar was set up very high with the previous books by Lee Winter and Fiona Zedde but ‘Chasing stars’ didn’t disappoint me. The plot follows Ava Eisenberg, PA to Hollywood ice queen Gwen Knight. Ava is an alien from a far away galaxy gifted with flying and strenght superpowers who patrols LA streets under the secret identity of Swiftwing to help people in need. Ava’s life is turned upside down when her boss asks her to pose as her girlfriend to win Gwen’s son custody. Will Ava be a good fake girlfriend and, at the same time, keep her secret life as Swiftwing? Will she be able to hide her growing feelings for Gwen?

‘Chasing stars’ is a brilliant debut novel by South African author Alex K. Thorne. There’s been a few lesfic books about fake relationships lately with different degrees of success but this one is original by presenting it as a sci-fi, action packed story with main characters of a superheroine and a Hollywood star ice queen. Written in third person from the point of view of Ava, she is a well rounded character in her contradictions: shy and insecure as Ava, confident and outgoing as Swiftwing. Gwen is very well characterised as an ice queen slowly giving away hidden parts of her personality. Despite their age gap, their chemistry is sizzling hot and the intimate scenes are very well written. The story itself has some twists and turns that balance romance and action perfectly.

Overall, another excellent addition to the series. A solid debut novel. 5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Review of ‘The power of Mercy’ by Fiona Zedde.

This is book number 2 of Ylva’s excellent series ‘The superheroine collection’, which fills a gap in lesfic and fiction in general. Technically a novella, this book could have done better with a few more pages developing the plot further, specially in the murder investigation in which there is some superficial description but not much showing.

A word of caution: this is a dark, sometimes gruesome story with a great deal of violence but, at the same time, quite realistic within the realm that the author created. Not much of a romance but the chemistry between the main characters is sizzling.

Overall, an entertaining read if you don’t mind violence and gruesome content. 4 stars.

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Review of ‘Shattered’ by Lee Winter.

Have you ever read a book of a genre you don’t like because its author is one of your favourites? Well, that’s what happened to me with Shattered. Lee Winter is in my top ten lesfic authors
so, even though I don’t normally read sci-fi, I had to give this one a try. I’m glad I did because it is another great book.
Ms. Winter is an author who departs from the conventional lesfic stories. She did it in her second book, ‘Requiem for immortals’, and she does it in ‘Shattered’ again. The book blurb doesn’t do real justice to the story which is understandable as being more specific would give away too much information. Without providing many details, what really surprised me about this book is the intensity of the dialogues between Shattergirl and Lena, the build up of their relationship, the depth of their emotions. I think this is where the strength of the book rests. On the other hand, I was expecting more action from this genre. Additionally, some parts of the plot, specially at the end, seemed a bit rushed or forced. But maybe the author is planning on writing a sequel and decided to leave some loose ends. Anyway, it is a great read even if you, like me, aren’t a science fiction fan.
Highly recommended if you don’t mind a book without the typical lesfic ending. 4.5 stars rounded up to 5.
ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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