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L.L. Raand works her Magic

Lesbian Fantasy Book Review of ‘The Magic Hunt’ (‘Midnight Hunter’ Series) by L.L. Raand

This is the fifth installment of Radclyffe’s ‘Midnight Hunter’ lesbian fantasy book Series.

‘The Magic Hunt’ picks up after another attack on the Were Alpha by a group of humans who do not want to allow the Praetern species to get equal rights under the law. The Alpha must continue her quest to protect her mate and now born pups, as well as her pack by trying to find out who is behind the attacks.

Now the Timberwolf Pack finds itself fighting another pack and its ambitious leader, as well as offering sanctuary to the Viceregal’s escaped prisoner Torren de Brinna. Can this prisoner help the Alpha save one of her own and shift the balance of power within the vampire ranks?

I recommend the books be read in order so one can follow and enjoy the story better. Radclyffe always gives a bit of a summary but I can not imagine the story being as enjoyable if one can’t understand the circumstances. As it is, there are some things that have not been explained completely and this is book number five in the series.Read More »

Going rogue with L.L. Raand.

Lesbian Book Review of ‘Rogue hunt’ by L.L. Raand.

3.5 Stars. I’m a big Radclyffe fan. I have read all her full-length books and with me being a lesbian paranormal fan, I have always enjoyed this series. But after 4 years, I never expected to see another book from this series. It’s interesting but in the month of May, Bold Strokes Books released 3 series books that were a long time in coming. This book at 4 years, Godfrey’s book at 5 and Vali’s at 10 years. It was great coming back to all these older series but I do have to say I didn’t love this like I was hoping.Read More »

Review of ‘The Lone Hunt’ by L.L. Raand.

I’m not certain how to even start with a book like this! This is book number four in the six book Midnight Hunters series by Radclyffe, writing as L.L.Raand. These are fantasy books following the Wolf Ware Alpha Sylvan Mir and the Adirondack Timberwolf Pack. The previous books should be read in order as one will continue to build the story started by its predecessor. The Praetern Coalition seeks to get humans to acknowledge the other species, such as wares and vampires, as citizens with rights. This has made the Praetern individuals and societies visible after millennia of hiding amongst humans. Of course, powerful individuals seek to eradicate them and go as far as experimentation and assassination.

This book continues to tell the story of the Praetern and human struggle but centers around one of Alpha Mir’s previous guards. Lara was once a dominant ware turned vampire and now serves as Warlord for newly risen and powerful Vampire Gates. As she struggles to come to terms with her new identity while trying to hold on to her wolf, she finds herself alone and shunned by vampires and wares alike. This changes as she finds a dominant Cat Ware Alpha on the run. Together they must find a new place in their society and join the fight that threatens all Praeterns.

I will readily admit I’m not a diehard fan of any of these type of characters. In fact, the last vampire story exposure I had was through Hotel Transylvania (hey, first, I have kids! And second, the movie is actually good!). So for those diehard fans, I’m not sure if this is a typical example of paranormal or urban fantasy genres. What I can say without a doubt is that Radclyffe created a wonderful world for this series with rules that are followed throughout the books. There is justification behind the characters’ behaviors and actions. There is also science and interesting concepts that I believe only few authors can create so masterfully. The conspiracy and intricacies lesfic authors are used to reading in her books are also present and definitely make me want to continue to read to see how all the discord between the species is elucidated.

This series is very explicit when it comes to describing sexual behaviors by the Praeterns and humans. It is so abundant one becomes used to it and understands the need for those behaviors to be part of the story. Wolf wares are encouraged to ‘tangle’ with each other when they reach adolescence, and that sets the scene for the pack and everything else in the books. Likewise, vampires’ feeding rituals are tightly bound to their sexual needs and that of their servants. That said, the author manages to still create intimate scenes with the main characters that are not lost in all the ‘background sex’. Readers that are bothered by extensive explicit sexual content should avoid this series altogether.

This book’s audiobook version is available through Audible and free if you have their Romance Package subscription. The entire series is narrated by Maxine Mitchell, who did a marvelous job. As any lesfic fan knows, Radclyffe’s series have many women characters at any given time. Ms Mitchell was superb at creating different voices for each one so they would be distinct, and therefore, avoid any confusion while listening.

Overall a fantastic read or listen for anyone interested in this type of fantasy world. 4.5 stars

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