Bittersweet and heartwarming lesbian second chances novel

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lesbian second chances novel

Bittersweet and heartwarming lesbian second chances novel

Review of ‘High October’ by Elena Graf

This is a wonderful lesbian second chances novel from another author I haven’t read before.


When Elizabeth Storm has to treat an accident-stricken actress in her practice, neither of the two women suspects what journey is in store for the two of them. The actress is Maggie Fitzgerald, the woman who broke Liz’s heart forty years ago. Soon they recognize each other and Liz offers Maggie to stay in one of her home guest rooms for the next few weeks. Liz is very reserved, sometimes a bit harsh towards Maggie, the old wound actually still hurts. On the other side, Maggie realizes she was never really happy since the time they were a couple in college. Will Maggie this time be able to stand for herself and her awakened feelings for Liz? And will Liz be willing to risk another rejection and give in to the chance of loving the woman who still owns a part of her heart?

It was really nice to read a story about real women, who aren’t that young anymore, Maggie (60) and Liz (58) have a story together and a bigger one apart from each other. Their lives are full of success, renunciation, unsatisfactory relationships, adoption of traumatized children, being a grandmother, retirement, second chances, new beginnings and looking out for the right person to get old together. Both had to face difficult situations but the biggest hurdle is still ahead of them. Will they be able to face it together or will it tear them apart?

I was able to identify with both main characters and understand some of their thoughts and fears. Sometimes it was hard for me to read on because my sister-in-law (almost twenty years ago) and my best friend (this year) faced the same brutal reality as one of the MCs. They had to fight hard and still are. Fortunately, both successfully.

This book has it all, slow-burn romance, angst, second chance, facing painful realities and succeding. The story is realistic and both are very likable characters, also the secondary characters are very interesting people who added to the depth of the story. The chemistry between them is still there and the love they feel is real. It’s great to witness how they reconnect and build a new relationship without the mistakes from the teenage years. They really talk to each other directly and honestly. They mostly know what they are doing and what they would lose if they fail.

Recommended to all who love a heartwarming second chance romance, older women and a bittersweet story with a happy ending. My rating 5 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian second chances novellesbian second chances novel

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