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Ava Freeman

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I got into writing because of my first love, books, and it has been an interesting ride. I spent many years not writing anything and only creating scenarios in my head as I went about my day or zoned out listening to music. What got me writing was a little something called fan fiction. For those who don’t know what that is, fan fiction is essentially made up of stories people write featuring their favorite characters in all sorts of genres such as TV, movies, books, etc. I had an affinity for a fantasy show called Lost Girl which told the story of a bisexual succubus. There was a female love interest that she didn’t end up with and I thought it would be cool to write a story where they did. Needless to say, I got a ton of positive feedback as that story progressed and I realized, oh I actually can write, and people like it.

You’re probably thinking, so this is when she started writing. Nope, I completed that book (it ended up all together coming to over 300 pages but you publish in chapters), stopped with the fan fiction, and did not write again until a year later. At that time I started the story of my soon to be published novel Friends & Lovers. Over the course of two years, I wrote when I could and I was on a roll but then…nothing. I stopped halfway and left it unfinished. It was staring at that incomplete work one day that got me going again. It was also my desire as a reader to see more African American lesbian romance being written. Look for some, the selection is slim. I talk more about that in a blog post, but I was inspired to create for an audience that I know needs and wants good content.

So my journey of accepting myself as a writer and being able to produce material has gone on a while but I’m happy to finally be doing this. Now a year later I have written four novellas and two novels. Who am I? My name is Ava Freeman and I’m finally a published author, doing what I love. Nice to meet you.

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