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Delores Cremm

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Delores Cremm was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio the youngest child of 4. Being so far behind her siblings, growing up, she came accustom to inventing imaginary worlds. Her make believe playmates had history of family, friends and places she had never traveled. This was the onset of her storytelling. At age 8 she began writing her made up worlds, and continued the practice through out adulthood. She studied creative writing at a local community college, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Accounting. Delores is a full-time caregiver for her aging parent and lives with a 20 pound cat, she calls Jerry. Prior to her caregiving, Ms. Cremm worked several accounting jobs, but her true passion is writing. She lives a quiet life with very little social interaction, but it suits her find. She says it give her the time to write. Her focus on intersex characterization comes from a romantic involvement with an epicene person, and feel compelled to include them in her novels. As a personal note from the author she states: I dedicate my published work to Intersex/epicene and LGBT individuals, because I feel that God does not make mistakes in the creation of people.

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