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Eija Jimenez


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Eija Jimenez has been a writer since her elementary days where cardboard rocketships could fly to the moon. Though her genre has shifted over time and with skill, Eija avidly writes LGBT fiction hoping to add to this ever-growing community.
She graduated from the University of Toronto in 2014 where she studied English and Psychology. She received her Honours Bachelor of Arts and tries to put four intensive years of schooling to good use through writing.
For the longest time, Eija was the youngest of three girls until her little brother came along. With her big Filipino family, she vowed she was going to have at least five kids. Now that she’s older and was the family babysitter nearly all her life, that number dropped down to two. She will, however, have as many cats, dogs, bunnies, and mini pigs as she can.
When she’s not crafting stories in her head, Eija can be found hurling axes (at bulleyes!), out for a hike, or jamming out in a good car-eoke session. She loves 80’s music and could spend her whole life eating potatoes and cheese if she could. Her love for experimenting in the kitchen, whether the recipe works or not, helps her not eat herself into a potato and cheese coma.
An avid writer, Eija is also a reader of books, comics, and everything in between. Her To-Read list is longer than her Currently Reading list and continues to grow everyday. Her go-to book is the Harry Potter series (Go Hufflepuffs!), but her current reading list consists of the graphic novel Saga, The Wicked and the Divine, and crime book Helter Skelter. Her favourite will always be To Kill a Mockingbird.
She lives in Canada with her wife and their princess of a cat where she spends nearly every evening getting her butt kicked in every video game and board game in the house. Her wife never lets her win.
If she could give one piece of advice to anyone, she would quote Max Erhmann’s Desiderata: “You are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and the stars.” No matter how small or insignificant you feel, the whole universe would be different without you.

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