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Ellen Hoil

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Born and raised an hour east and a million miles away from Manhattan, Ellen was an avid reader from the start often preferring the company of books over people

At 15 she lied about her age to attend the Outward Bound School: Hurricane Island. Rock climbing, sailing for days at a stretch and spending half a week alone with only a fire kit, water and a plastic tarp, she returned home with a valuable life lesson: “Failure is not the end. Those who love you don’t stop because you failed. Failure gives you the opportunity to try again, or start a new path.”

Thanks to a high school English teacher who served a literary feast of the classics, modern lit and Shakespeare, Ellen fell in love with the written word. This culminated in a law degree. Ellen now practices law by day while continuing her linguistic love affair in her off time.

Ellen credits early internet chat rooms on AOL, Yahoo and Netscape with giving birth to fan fiction, giving a story a platform like no other. Within a year or so of this new medium, an entire new universe had opened up entirely to original lesbian fiction.

Thanks to the encouragement of others in the online community, Ellen wrote a full-length novel, and now, after editing, re-editing, and re-re-editing, that story, Safe Haven, is being published by Desert Palm Press.

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