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Octavia Reese


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Octavia Reese, Chicago resident for more than ten years, is a Corporate Trainer at one of Chicago’s most awarded children’s hospitals, but that’s not all…

I’m a multi-disciplined polymath (that means both-brained and has nothing to do with my relationship status or romantic points of view – something I learned the hard way, thank you, Internet dating…) with a passion to make a difference in my world and lift up my neighbors to their own greatness.

I’m an artist, an author, a dancer, a parent, a cellist, a singer, a lover, a dreamer, an entrepreneur, an idea lady, a creative, a scientist, an empath, a reader, a designer, a people-helper, a people-lover, a healer, a dream interpreter, a vessel of my ancestors, a child of the universe, a woman of God.

For more of my entertaining and brilliant ramblings, check out my blog here: http://www.roadtorelovery.com.

A Detroit native, Octavia the proud mom of three boys and a relentless creative, speaking life into women through writing, music, dance and art.

Octavia is the author of The Hibouleans, a sci-fi fantasy Afro-futurist young adult novella series featuring bold, beautiful and brilliant girls of color that fearlessly take the lead in their own adventures. Volume 1 is available on Amazon now, and Octavia is on tour this year promoting the series and her vision of ethnically and gender-diverse nerd culture. Also a cellist, Octavia has written the book score to her series and performs at her book signing events as well as collaborating with local artists.

Octavia dances with DesueñoVision, a Latin-contemporary fusion company of professional women that make healthy living a priority in their busy lives. And finally, through art, Octavia paints encouragement cards that promote self-loving mantras, empowering women to validate themselves first.

As Miss Michgian 2005, Octavia is an active member of MASTA, an association of former Miss America contestants. With MASTA, Octavia helps promote success and opportunity of women across the country, of all ethnicities, religions and orientations.

Octavia and her boys are also active members of Soul City Church.

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