It will come as no surprise that this was a poignant read

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poignant read

It will come as no surprise that this was a poignant read

Review of ‘Love in the Time of Corona’ by Elena Graf

The title leaves no doubt about the theme of the third Hobbs series installment, ‘Love in the Time of Corona’ is about the pandemic coming to the small Maine community we all have come to know and love. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to read about Covid-19 while everything is still pretty much up in the air. What I found was that the story gave me great comfort, something I didn’t expect to happen.


Elena Graf tells it like it is. She is never one to hold back and I love the way she writes. Every word is exactly where it’s supposed to be with fantastic characterizations and dialogue. I always know that once I start it’s near impossible to put the book down. Her writing is like crack to me.

‘Love in the Times of Corona’ does not solely focus on the blossoming romance between police chief Brenda and physician’s assistant Cherrie. When you write an ensemble piece where 6 people have a voice there is just not enough time for that. I did find their story quite satisfying though.

The Hobbs series is all about community and family and this book is no different. When a crisis looms we see Liz step up with mother Lucy in her wake. They are at the heart of this story.

It will come as no surprise that this was a poignant read. There are some heartbreaking scenes that made me grab for the tissues but with Graf you are in safe hands. She knows how to keep a perfect balance and bring levity where needed. I hate schmaltz and overly dramatic goings-on and I can count on Graf to stay well clear of that.

‘Love in the Time of Corona’ gives an honest, level-headed account on what is happening in the world today, translated onto the Hobbs community. It’s written with a lot of heart and it really lifted my spirits. Fans of the series will love this new installment and new readers could just step in, but I advise you to start with book one. It’s so worth getting to know these characters. I highly recommend it.

There is one thing I know for sure, in times of trouble I, too, want to bunk with Liz and Maggie!

f/f explicit scenes

Themes: Corona pandemic, family, community, social distancing, love and loss, Cherrie does not like cops and guns, Brenda needs to step it up, my character crush on Lucy has intensified, Easter in Hobbs.

5 Stars

* A free copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

poignant readpoignant read

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