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Recommended lesfic books for January 2019

This year has started a bit slow in the lesfic releases but here are some books recommendations to get 2019 rolling. Enjoy!

Recommended new releases:

Year of the kiss‘ by Gisele Fox

In New Year’s Eve artist Sasha and PhD student Naomi meet by chance and they briefly enjoy an incredible kiss. But things get complicated fast and they both go separate ways without knowing anything about each other. Will they be able to meet again and find out if that initial chemistry has potential to develop into something more permanent?
This is an entertaining, sweet and erotic novella with quirky secondary characters and funny banter. 4.5 stars.

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Emily’s art and soul’ by Joy Argento

Emily Sanders is facing a few challenges in life. She’s recently divorced from her husband, her mum passed away and she has to take care of her 23 year old Down syndrome sister. But the biggest challenge of all comes in the shape of her new co-worker, Andi Marino who is beautiful, caring and a lesbian. Andi not only becomes her best friend but makes Emily wonder about her own sexuality.
This is a light and humorous story of the ‘friends to lovers’ trope along with a late coming out. 4 stars.

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Recommended erotica book:

Going down‘ by Barbara Bell

After a quick hookup with her boss Casey at their work’s Christmas party, Ellie tries her best to avoid her gorgeous manager. But that is about to change when they both get trapped inside an elevator for hours and have to face their feelings for each other…
Part of the ‘Dirty Bits’ collection by Carina Press, ‘Going Down’ is a well written, entertaining and hot erotica novella. 4.5 stars.

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Last year’s book that you should read:

Compass Rose‘ by Anna Burke

‘Compass Rose’ is set in a dystopian world in 2513 in which the sea levels on Earth have risen and land is either flooded or too polluted to live on. Compass Rose is a navigator born with an extraordinary ability: she can always tell her exact location and get the best nautical routes to a destination. When her Admiral orders her to work alongside mercenary Captain Miranda Stillwater to defeat the pirates that threaten to rule the Atlantic, her world turns upside down. But even her exceptional navigational skills won’t prepare her for Miranda’s captivating persona and for her threatening crew.
This is a very good pirates’ adventure novel for fans of dystopian sci-fi and a great debut novel by a promising author. 4.5 stars.

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Classic lesfic book of the month:

Hunter’s way‘ by Gerri Hill

Maverick Homicide detective Tori Hunter is forced to team up with the hot-tempered, gorgeous and very straight Samantha Kennedy to investigate a serial killer. But soon things get complicated in both the investigation and Hunter and Samantha’s personal lives.
Published in 2005, Ms. Hill presents a page-turner thriller combined with a passionate romance between two very different characters. 4.5 stars.

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