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Recommended Lesfic Books of December 2018.

Where has 2018 gone? I hope you’ve enjoyed your lesfic recommendations throughout this year. This month, as usual, you’ll find new releases, a lesfic (and Christmas) classic, a last year’s book you shouldn’t miss and some holiday recommendations.
Enjoy your festivities wherever you are. See you again in the New Year!

Recommended new releases:

A wish upon a star’ by Jeannie Levig

‘A wish upon a star’ is not only a romance but also a story about maternal love, friendship and loyalty. The mains’ chemistry is spot-on and the secondary characters of a 7 year-old autistic girl and a loyal dog are endearing. 5 stars.

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Breaking character’ by Lee Winter

Lee Winter knows how to write a story about older ice queens and inexperienced younger women who idolise them. This book is great on character building, from the mains and the secondary to the‘real’ and the ‘fictional’.‘Breaking character’ gives a good insight about an actress’ profession: how they expose their feelings and bodies, how they get typecast by their looks or age, how high is the price of fame and how competitive and cut-throat Hollywood could be. Critical, entertaining and absorbing. 4.5 stars.

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Classic lesfic book

Snow Globe’ by Georgia Beers

After Mackenzie’s wedding is called off at the eleventh hour, her best friend Allison decides to cheer her up and take her to spend the Christmas holidays on a lesbian resort in Florida. Little they know that a journey of self discovery awaits for both of them. 5 stars

Last year’s book you shouldn’t miss

Mistletoe Mishap’ by Siri Caldwell

This is a very funny and entertaining novella in which the main characters are a long term couple of middle aged scientists. On a whim, they decide to spice up their sex life through a bet that happens around Christmas time. What follows is a series of witty
dialogues, funny situations and hot scenes that entertains the reader till the end. 4.5 stars.

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Recommended Christmas books

Language of love’ edited by Astrid Ohletz and Lee Winter

‘Language of love. A flirty, festive anthology’ is a collection of eleven lesfic short stories with the common theme of holiday season traditions around the world. Ylva is a very international and multicultural publishing company and this is reflected in this compilation. Normally it’s hard to keep a high level of writing quality in a book with so many authors and different types of stories but this one achieved remarkable results. 4.5 stars.

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Winter hearts’ by Eliza Andrews and others

Thirteen festive lesfic short stories or novellas from as many authors. Among them, Anne Hagan, Jea Hawkins, Cara Malone, T.B. Markinson, A.E. Radley and Emma Sterner-Radley.

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