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Recommended Lesfic Books of October 2018

October is Halloween month, so if you are into all things spooky, I have one book for you. As usual, the categories are new releases, debut author and classic lesfic.


Recommended new releases:

‘Love like this’ by Melissa Brayden

‘Love like this’ is the final book on the ‘Seven shores’ series that follows four friends living in the same condo in Venice Beach, California. This novel is the story of Hadley Cooper, an assistant manager of a boutique in Rodeo drive. When she meets fashion designer Spencer Adair sparkles fly between them. But Hadley’s ideas about love and commitment are very different from Spencer’s. Will they have a future together?

This is a feel good romance, upbeat, positive and sizzling hot to finish the series on a high.  5 stars.

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Against all odds‘ by Kris Bryant, M. Ullrich & Maggie Cummings

When Police officer Peyton Clarke and real estate agent Tory Stevens meet by chance at a bridal shop trying bridemaids’ dresses, their attraction is instant but it’s interrupted by a mass murderer attacking the shop customers. As the only survivals of the shooting, Tory and Peyton see their initial bond grow stronger. But with the attacker on the loose, taking their relationship for granted could be a fatal mistake.
As far as I know, this is the first collaboration of three lesfic authors writing a single novel. ‘Against all odds’ is equal parts thriller and romance, the balance between action and love, fast and slow pace makes this novel a very entertaining read. The authors managed to weave the plot consistently and make it flow without issues. 4.5 stars.

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Debut author:

‘Irregular heartbeat’ by Chris Zett

Diana Petrell is a former rock star who left nine years of music and fame behind to resume her career as an emergency medicine doctor. Her residency supervisor is Dr. Emily Barnes, an aloof and hard working attending who is distrustful of her skills. Just when Emily starts letting her guard down and letting the former musician in, Diana’s past threatens to destroy everything that they’ve both fought for.
A realistic and entertaining medical romance and a promising debut novel. 4.5 stars.

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Classic lesfic book:

‘After Mrs Hamilton’ by Clare Ashton

Winner of 2013 Golden Crown Literary Society Award, this book is already a classic. Poignant, melancholic and provocative, ‘After Mrs Hamilton’ is as much a romance as a suspense novel. Some scenes will stay in your memory for a long time. 4.5 stars.

Halloween themed book:

‘The secret of Sleepy Hollow’ by Andi Marquette

This is a retell of Washington Irving’s ‘The legend of Sleepy Hollow’ published in 1820. Andi Marquette does an interesting job in adapting the story to a contemporary lesbian narrative. A great read for Halloween. 4.5 stars.

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