Review of ‘Three reasons to say yes’ by Jaime Clevenger.

When Julia Maguire meets Reed Baxter in a holiday in Hawaii, she knows that their relationship has no future. Reed is the mother of 4 year-old twin girls and a busy doctor with no time to have a full-time girlfriend. But their attraction is undeniable and Julia decides against her own convictions to engage in a holiday fling. Soon she realises that she has feelings for Reed but a relationship with her is impossible. Or is it?

This author has caught my attention since the release of her erotica novel ‘Party favors‘. ‘Three reasons to say yes’ is a slow-burn romance with some family and inner conflict on the side, set in the idyllic island of Hawaii. Read More »

Review of ‘Contract for love’ by Alison Grey.

Madison Fielding is the only heiress to her family fortune, that is, if she stops partying non-stop and being a womaniser. To convince her Grandmother that she is a responsible adult worth of getting the inheritance, she has to prove that she’s changed. She decides to get herself a fake girlfriend and who could be better candidate for the job than straight, poor, single mother Sherry who is the exact opposite of Madison. Nothing can go wrong with that plan for sure…

This is another fake relationship/sham marriage novel which lately are commonplace in lesfic. Read More »

Review of ‘On the fly’ by PJ Trebelhorn.

Lana Caruso is a concert violinist with a Chicago orchestra who’s granted a 6 month leave of absence to take care of her father’s pizzeria in Kingsville, Pennsylvania. When she meets ice hockey player and gold-medal-winning Olympian Courtney Abbott they both feel an undeniable chemistry, but they both know that Lana’s stay is only temporary and nothing serious will come from it. or will it?

This is a slow-burn romance with some scenes of ice hockey on the side.
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