Recommended Christmas lesfic books

‘Snow Globe’ by Georgia Beers

After Mackenzie’s wedding is called off at the eleventh hour, her best friend Allison decides to cheer her up and take her to spend the Christmas holidays on a lesbian resort in Florida. Little they know that a journey of self discovery awaits for both of them.
5 stars

‘Mistletoe Mishap’ by Siri Caldwell

This is a very funny and entertaining novella in which the main characters are a long term couple of middle aged scientists. On a whim, they decide to spice up their sex life through a bet that happens around Christmas time. What follows is a series of witty dialogues, funny situations and hot scenes that entertains the reader till the end.

‘Chasing a brighter blue’ by Gerri Hill

Reagan is a war photographer just arrived from Afghanistan for her brother’s Christmas wedding. She’s just looking for a break to help her forget a traumatic experience. In the wedding’s beautiful venue she meets Shelby, her brother’s fiancée who is guarded about women chasing her for her father’s money. Will both women get past their own issues to build a friendship or maybe more?
4 stars

‘Under a falling star’ by Jae

Beautiful slow-burn romance between Austen, a secretary in a video games company, and Dee, the second in command. It all starts when the company’s Christmas tree’s star falls and injures Dee transforming her ill-tempered character and her life priorities.
4 stars

‘All I want for Christmas’ by Clare Lydon

Tori Hammond decided to find a girlfriend before Christmas. She has only one month and a few dates to achieve her dream. If only it were so easy…
4 stars

‘The Bureau of Holiday Affairs’ by Andi Marquette

In this retelling of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carroll’, Robin Preston is a lesbian executive who has lost her morals along with her heart. Can The Bureau of Holiday Affairs help her find her real self before it’s too late?
4 stars