Lex's Top 13 Best Lesfic Halloween Books 2020

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Best Sapphic Halloween books 2022

Lex’s Top 13 Best Lesfic Halloween Books 2020

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As we did last year, we asked Lex Kent, our resident expert in all things paranormal, to pick her top recommended best lesfic Halloween books 2020. Here is her lucky 13!

Lex’s Top 13 WLW Reads for Halloween Part 2

Borage‘ by Gill McKnight

A wonderful book and a great way to ease into the Halloween feel with this funny, but not scary, cozy mystery. How can you not like a witch who is bad at magic?

Aurora’s Angel‘ by Emily Noon

While I could argue that this is more fantasy than urban fantasy, this is a story about shifters so I feel okay adding it to the list. I almost forgot to mention but this book is actually an award winner for ‘best romance’ and I could not agree more.

Sylver and Gold‘ by Michelle Larkin

A homicide detective that can talk to ghosts, do I really have to say anymore? One of the most entertaining books I read this year and an instant favorite of mine.

The Other Side of Forestlands Lake‘ by Carolyn Elizabeth

An amazing new release by Elizabeth that is perfect for Halloween. If you haven’t read Elizabeth yet you are absolutely missing out.

Gillette Park‘ by Gerri Hill

How do you stop a serial killer? Well with a little help from a psychic medium of course. I believe Hill is at her best when she writes crime or paranormal books, put both those genres together and you have a must read!

Coyote Blues‘ by Karen F. Williams

Karen writes so well that you can almost believe that her paranormal book could be true stories. You don’t want to pass on this coyote shifter romance.

The Grim Assistant‘ by Jodi Hutchins

The first book in Hutchins Tales from the Grim series about a woman who becomes a Grimm Reapers assistant.

A Question of Ghosts‘ by Cate Culpepper

A great ghost story that is the right amount of creepy for Halloween.

The Scapegracers‘ by Hannah Abigail Clarke

A YA story about a group of witches. Think a modern-day version of ‘The Craft’ but better.

Terrible Praise‘ by Lara Hayes

I felt like I had to go with a darker grittier type of vampire story. This is more about the vampires of nightmares than fantasy. A read that is different and a bit cerebral, but really good.

The Midnight Hunt‘ by L.L. Raand

For those of you looking for a more erotic Halloween read, Raand’s (aka Radclyffe) Midnight Hunters series is the way to go.

Dead Girl’s Ashes‘ by Annathesa Nikola Darksbane

A quirky but slightly dark series that is the closest thing to mixing a vampire with a zombie that you can get. The series gets better with every book and is really entertaining.

Chasing Shadows‘ by Lila Bruce

What better way to end the list than with a little comedy. While this is a ghost story and a little creepy at times, the humor warms the book and makes it a fun read.

Don’t forget to check out part one of my list of favorite WLW Halloween reads that I put out last year. There are books there that you won’t want to miss. Click here to check them out.

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