Top Recommended Lesbian Halloween Books

Lex’s Top 13 Recommended Lesbian Halloween Books

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We asked Lex Kent, our resident expert in all things paranormal, to pick her top 10 recommended lesbian Halloween books. Instead, she got us a lucky 13!


Charon Docks at Daylight‘ by Zoe Reed

Zombies in an epic story. Also, the epub is FREE to download so it’s a great one to add to the list.

Ambereye‘ by Gill McKnight

Best werewolf book ever. The romance is wonderful and the book is actually laugh-out-loud funny. You should note while this is book 2, you can start the ‘Garoul’ series with it.

Keepers of the Cave‘ and ‘Weeping Walls‘ by Gerri Hill

It’s Gerri Hill need I say more. This two-book series (Johnston & Riley Series) is creepy and perfect to get you in the Halloween mood. A great added bonus is that the main characters are wonderful.


Iron & Velvet‘ by Alexis Hall

The newest version just released. A really fun book that takes place in England with a hard-drinking PI who falls for her vampire client.

Gnarled Hollow‘ and ‘Legacy‘ By Charlotte Greene

Both books are creepy/horror type ghost stories. Again perfect for Halloween.


As the Crow Flies‘ by Karen F. Williams

A perfect book for those looking for mostly romance but still want a little ghost story. The author writes really well too.

The One who Eats Monsters‘ by Casey Mathews

Dark and gritty at times, but one of the best Young Adults books I have ever read.

Wild‘ by Meghan O’Brien

Want a little spice with your shapeshifters?

Five Moons Rising‘ by Lise MacTague

An excellent book filled with supernatural creatures. The sequel ‘Hunter’s Descent‘ is actually out this month.


The House‘ by Eden Darry

A solid debut that is creepy and intense.


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