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Top Favourite Lesbian Books & Audiobooks

Here are a few lists of our all-time top favourite lesbian books, click on the links to browse the titles and enjoy!

Top Ten Best Lesbian Audiobooks

Best Lesbian Books of 2018

Best Lesbian Books of 2017

Recommended Christmas Lesbian Books

Gaby’s top favourite authors:

Melissa Brayden: cross Chick Lit with lesbian romance and you’ll get Melissa Brayden’s books. Witty dialogues, hot scenes and crafted plots and subplots. Her heroines are stylish and professionaly accomplished femmes who normally fall for similar ones. If you’ve never read any of her books, I recommend you start with Kiss the girl, the first of her Soho Loft series.

Andi Marquette: her day job as an editor guarantees well written and edited books. Versatile in her writing, she excels in science fiction, romances or mystery stories. My favourite books are From the boots up and its sequel From the hat down.

Carsen Taite: the Lesbian equivalent to John Grisham. As a criminal defense attorney, her professional experience shows in her plots which combine legal thrillers with romance. My favourite books are the Luca Bennett bounty hunter series, similar to Janet Evanovitch’s Stephanie Plum character. 

Radclyffe: pen name of Lenora Baron, the author of more than 40 novels ranging from romances to paranormal. As a retired surgeon, she’s at her best in the medical romances. Her heroines are larger than life characters, “tall, dark and handsome” butches usually involved with beautiful femmes. My favourite books are Fated love and the Honor series.

Robin Alexander: her books are full of quirky and witty kind of humour. Her characters are funny and eccentric but also sweet and lovable. Her secondary characters are always multilayered and likeable, especially her portrayal of middle aged, menopausal women. My favourite books are The summer of our discontent and The fall.

Andrea Bramhall: well crafted plots that portray a variety of issues from mysteries to romances. One thing you can be assured is that none of her books are formulaic, they all touch different issues such as memory loss, arranged marriage or murder. My favourite novels are Collide-O-Scope and Just my luck.

Clare Lydon: she excels at lesbian romantic comedies, her characters are lovable, her stories are sweet. If you are looking for feel-good, entertaining reading with some British flair, she’s the author to go. Start by any of her All I want for… series.

Lee Winter: relatively new but very promising author, her plots are well crafted full of unexpected twists. My favourite book is The red files.

Cari Hunter: action packed thrillers, with great characters and skilfully constructed plots. Her stories are sometimes a bit gruesome but they are instant page turners. My favourite is Snowbound.

Georgia Beers: she’s sometimes a bit of a hit and miss but has written a few of the best lesbian romances I’ve read. My favourites are Snow globe and Too close to touch.


Gaby’s top favourite lesbian books:

Kiss the girl by Melissa Brayden

From the boots up by Andi Marquette

Fated love by Radclyffe

Letters never sent by Sandra Moran

The summer of our discontent by Robin Alexander

Snow globe by Georgia Beers

Ask, tell by EJ Noyes

The Luca Bennet Mystery Series by Carsen Taite

Eight dates: a romance by Lori L. Lake

Capturing forever by Erin Dutton



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