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Gaby’s Top 10 Recommended Lesbian Romance Books

recommended lesbian romance books

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Here is Gaby’s list of recommended lesbian romance books:

The summer of our discontent‘ by Robin Alexander

Faith Leblanc has always had a feud with her neighbour Rachel Chauvin. After their conflict exacerbates with a series of incidents in a summer camp, a truce is called. But when peace comes, they both realise that they have things in common and feelings too. A typical book by Robin Alexander with quirky, funny characters and witty humour that will leave a smile on your face. A quintessential enemy to lovers book.

recommended lesbian romance booksrecommended lesbian romance books

Poppy Jenkins‘ by Clare Ashton

Beautiful love story written in 2016 by the author of ‘After Mrs. Hamilton’. Poppy is the only lesbian in a small village in Mid-Wales and works in ‘The Real Food Café’ that serves chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream. Will her almond and orange-oil brownies win beautiful Rosalyn’s heart?

recommended lesbian romance booksrecommended lesbian romance books

Kiss the girl‘ by Melissa Brayden

This book has it all, boardroom drama, family conflict, sizzling chemistry, and a beautiful romance. Both main characters are endearing and totally made for each other. The cast of group of friends is great, all of them with distinctive multilayered personalities. This is a superb introduction to the series.

recommended lesbian romance booksrecommended lesbian romance books

Three reasons to say yes‘ by Jaime Clevenger

When Julia Maguire meets Reed Baxter on a holiday in Hawaii, she knows that their relationship has no future. Reed is the mother of 4-year-old twin girls and a busy doctor with no time to have a full-time girlfriend. But their attraction is undeniable and Julia decides against her own convictions to engage in a holiday fling. Soon she realises that she has feelings for Reed but a relationship with her is impossible. Or is it? This is a well written slow-burn romance with some family and inner conflict on the side.

recommended lesbian romance booksrecommended lesbian romance books

Echo Point‘ by Virginia Hale

Beautiful love story set in the Blue Mountains near Sidney in Australia. This is not just a romance: it’s a story of loss, family ties, and redemption. The author’s description of the landscape is vivid and picturesque. The bushfires and intense heat are a metaphor of the passions at stake. Ms. Hale knows how to build up the tension and the chemistry between the main characters rages like a bushfire: uncontrollable, hot and consuming. A very solid debut novel and a highly recommended romance.

recommended lesbian romance booksrecommended lesbian romance books

Just for show‘ by Jae

This is another fantastic book by Jae about a fake relationship between psychologist Claire Renshaw and barista/actress Lana Henderson. Dr. Renshaw is a successful couples therapist with a mild obsessive-compulsive disorder and a big reputation at stake when her fiancée calls the engagement off. As an expert in relationships, a career-changing book deal might fall through if her publisher realises that she’s been dumped. Hiring an actress to play the role of her fiancée seems to be the perfect solution, at least in theory. But when Lana appears in Claire’s life with her untidiness, her diet full of carbs and tendency to put her foot in her mouth, Claire starts second-guessing her decision. Will they be able to fake their relationship? And what if it’s not so pretend after all? Overall, a very entertaining, well written, heartwarming romance. Highly recommended.

recommended lesbian romance booksrecommended lesbian romance books

And playing the role of herself‘ by K.E. Lane

Fantastic romance written in 2007 by a debut author that’s been highly acclaimed by readers and critics alike. It’s the story between two actresses, Robyn and Caid, working on a tv show. Robyn is an accomplished actress while Caid is new to the show. Written from the point of view of Caid, the reader sees how her feelings grow while Robyn remains a mystery. As the main characters get to know each other, their chemistry develops to off the charts territory. A great book that should be read by all lesfic fans.

recommended lesbian romance booksrecommended lesbian romance books

You’re my kind‘ by Clare Lydon

‘You’re my kind’ is a second chance romance that starts with a funeral. As anti-climatic as it might sound, the author makes it work more as a celebration of life than sorrow for an irreparable loss. Lydon is a master of lesfic rom-com with a British feel. Only that this time, she combines her usual witty, funny and sarcastic dialogues and situations, with a savvy reflexion about life and death. As the author presents a piece of her philosophy of life, the story will make the reader cry, laugh and keep faith in humanity.

recommended lesbian romance booksrecommended lesbian romance books

Turbulence‘ by EJ Noyes

This is the story of Isabelle, a rich stockbroker who has a one-night stand with Audrey, unaware that she is the new-hired pilot of Isabelle’s private jet. Having to meet each other almost every day, the plot focuses on how their relationship evolves into something more meaningful.

recommended lesbian romance booksrecommended lesbian romance books

Fated love‘ by Radclyffe

Published in 2004, this is my favourite novel by Radclyffe. A medical slow burn romance with endearing characters, off the charts chemistry and a couple of twists and turns.

recommended lesbian romance booksrecommended lesbian romance books

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