best lesfic books of 2018

Best lesfic books of 2018

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5+ stars

‘The Goodmans’ by Clare Ashton

Category: Romance, family drama

This book has it all: love, romance, family drama, angst, quirky humour, sex, social criticism, redemption and deep insights in motherhood and ageing. It even has unexpected twists and turns.

‘Just for show’ by Jae

Category: Romance, Fake relationship

‘Just for show’ is one of the best fake relationships stories I’ve read so far. The dialogues are witty, the chemistry is off the charts, the secondary characters are spot on and the pace is perfect. A pleasure to read.

‘The music and the mirror’ by Lola Keeley

Category: Romance, Ice queen

This is an age-gap, slow-burn romance featuring an ice queen choreographer and a ballet company’s ballerina. It is a fantastic debut novel, highly recommended even if you are not interested in ballet.

‘Ask me again’ by E. J. Noyes

Category: Drama, Romance

This is the sequel of ‘Ask, tell’ which was one of my favourite lesfic books of 2017. This is a novel with a surprising level of depth and isn’t a light read. It’s intense, raw, emotional and even heartbreaking. Great sequel that does justice to the characters’ story.

5 stars

‘Blend’ by Georgia Beers

Category: Romance

‘Blend’ is a fantastic book with lovable but realistic characters, slow build-up sizzling romance and an expertly crafted plot. The book is a perfect blend (pun intended) of wit, humour, romance and conflict that keeps the reader turning pages and wanting more.

‘Love like this’ by Melissa Brayden

Category: Romance, Rom-Com

‘Love like this’ is the final book on the ‘Seven shores’ series that follows four friends living in the same condo in Venice Beach, California. This is mainly a feel good romance, upbeat and positive to suit the main characters’ personalities and to finish the series on a high.

‘Three reasons to say yes’ by Jaime Clevenger

Category: Romance, Interracial couple

‘Three reasons to say yes’ is a slow-burn romance with some family and inner conflict on the side, set in the idyllic island of Hawaii. The plot is tightly woven with attention to detail. It has a perfect balance between angst and joy, conflict and harmony. All the intimate scenes are convincing and sizzling with a little twist that is not usually dealt with in lesfic.

‘Alias’ by Cari Hunter

Category: Mystery, Thriller

A woman wakes up in a car accident next to a dead body. She doesn’t remember her name or how she got there. As she is recovering in hospital from her injuries, she discovers some facts about her identity which leaves her with more questions than answers. This is another engaging, well written and exciting to read mystery by Cari Hunter with a definite British feel.

‘A wish upon a star’ by Jeannie Levig.

Category: Romance, Drama

This is another fantastic book by Ms. Levig. It is not only a romance but also a story about maternal love, friendship and loyalty. Great secondary characters of a 7 year old girl with special needs and a loyal dog.

‘London, actually’ by Clare Lydon

Category: Romance, Rom-Com

Clare Lydon’s novels are the epitome of lesbian rom-coms, full of romance, hot chemistry and feel good moments. Her books are funny, witty and quintessentially British, but not overwhelmingly so. The plots are tightly woven, the characters are well rounded and the dialogues are humorous and engaging. ‘London, actually’ is Ms. Lydon at her best.

‘Gold’ by EJ Noyes

Category: Romance, Angst

Pro alpine skier Aspen Archer is retired from competitive skiing due to a serious injury. She prefers to keep a low profile by teaching in ski resorts and hiding her problems. While working in Australia, she meets Cate Tierney, a Physical therapist with relationship issues and a teenage daughter. This is a delightful read with a good balance between enjoyment and angst. As usual, Ms. Noyes delivers a great book.

‘Media darling’ by Fiona Riley

Category: Celebrity Romance

Emerson Sterling is a famous actress with a bad-girl reputation. Hayley Carpenter is a celebrity gossip journalist whose dream is to be a screen writer. When their paths cross in an awkward situation, they start to form a bond which evolves into something deeper. But Hayley soon learns the high price to pay behind the apparent glamour of celebrity life. An entertaining, poignant and romantic story with a side of social critique to celebrity culture and the media.

‘Chasing stars’ by Alex K. Thorne

Category: Science Fiction, Fake relationship, Romance

This is a solid debut novel, part of Ylva Publishing’s ‘The Superheroine Collection’ series. Ava is an alien from a far away galaxy gifted with flying and strength superpowers who patrols LA streets under the secret identity of ‘Swiftwing’ to help people in need. Ava’s life is turned upside down when her boss, Hollywood ice queen Gwen Knight, asks her to pose as her girlfriend to win Gwen’s son custody. The story itself has some twists and turns that balance romance and action perfectly. Very entertaining read.

‘Love at Cooper’s Creek’ by Missouri Vaun

Category: Romance, Drama

This book goes beyond the typical sweet romance and explores difficult subjects such as life choices, bereavement, aging and dementia. The author touches all these issues with tact and, at the same time, keeps our focus on the beautiful love story. The chemistry between the mains, the multi layered secondary characters and the well structured plot contribute towards a very pleasant read.

‘Under your skin’ by Lee Winter

Category: Romance, Drama

Lauren King and Catherine Ayers are both journalists who met while investigating a news story in Winter’s novel ‘The red files’. In this book we get a better view of their relationship and even though there is investigative journalism involved, the plot mainly revolves around their personal relationship and with their respective families.

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