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'The Woman in 3B'
“I wish I was a lesbian.”
“It’s never too late,” I winked. “We’re always accepting applications.” 

'Bet Against Me'
"'I’m into women,' Trina supplied.
'And I am very grateful for that,' Kendall replied.
Trina laughed. 'Glad to be of service.'
'It’s truly exceptional service. I’ll fill out a testimonial if you want,' Kendall said."

'Sunsets and Shades'
“'Do you remember what you said after you came out to me?'
'Don’t blame the liberal media?'”

'Love at Cooper's Creek'
"That was the problem with bad decisions, sometimes you were only sure after the fact."

'My Lady Lipstick'
"'There's also that I don't know how to be gay.'
'You could have fooled me.'"

'Girl Talk'
"'I'm straight.'
'So is spaghetti. Until it gets wet...'"

“Though I could be abrupt and demanding, I'd always prided myself on treating employees respectfully. Did orgasms count as respectful employee treatment? If so, color me super-respectful.”

'Twice in a Lifetime'
“Sometimes the only transportation you need is a leap of faith.”

'Coming Home'
“The sound of her willpower packing its bags and leaving her mind was deafening, and Sam wasn’t sure if it had a return ticket.”

'The Music and the Mirror'
“Jump before you are pushed. In love, war and pas de deux”

'30 Dates in 30 Days'
“I’m looking for that thing,” Veronica said.
“What thing?”
“That thing, Bea. You know, when you look at someone and wish you knew what their dreams were so you could make them come true?”
“Wow,” Bea said in awe. “I thought you just wanted a wife.”

'Just for show'
“I want you to be my girlfriend.” 
For a moment, all Lana could do was stare at her. Was this some kind of joke? Then the humor of the situation overcame her. 
“Shouldn’t you at least buy me dinner first?”

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