best lesfic books 2017

Best lesfic books 2017

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Best lesfic books 2017. Order in author’s alphabetical order:

‘Pieces’ by G Benson

Category: Young adult, romance.

In this young adult romance, Ms. Benson deals with very difficult issues such as the fallouts of the foster care system, transsexualism, bisexuality, bereavement and generally the young adults struggle to grow up.

‘Who’d have thought’ by G Benson

Category: romance.

The theme of sham marriage is not new in lesfic but Benson presents it here so skillfully that makes up for the lack of originality.

‘Under Parr (Norfolk Coast Investigation Story Book 2)’ by Andrea Bramhall

Category: mystery.

This is book 2 of the Norfork Coast Investigation Story which follows Detective Sargeant Kate Bannon in solving the mystery surrounding a puzzling discovery of an skeleton in an old bunker. In this story, Ms. Bramhall discusses the subject of euthanasia, the care of old people and the terminally ill in a thought provoking manner.

Eyes like those (A Seven Shores Romance)’ by Melissa Brayden

Category: romance.

In this new book series called Seven shores, the author manages again to present endearing characters, long lasting friendships and a hot romance. Pure Melissa Brayden at her best.

‘Echo Point’ by Virginia Hale

Category: romance.

Beautiful love story set in the Blue mountains near Sidney in Australia. This is not just a romance: it’s a story of loss, family ties and redemption.

‘A quiet death (Dark Peak Book 3)’ by Cari Hunter

Category: mystery.

Ms. Hunter is very skillful at building a fast paced thriller with unexpected twists and turns while describing the cruelty of human trafficking.

‘Twice in a lifetime’ by Clare Lydon

Category: romance.

Set in Chicago and New York, this is the story of former high school sweethearts Harriet and Sally who accidentally meet again seventeen years later. The plot describes their trials and tribulations at second chances and long distance relationships.

‘A girl called London’ by Clare Lydon

Category: romance.

This book shows Clare Lydon at her best: witty, funny and downright romantic. Additionally, the author manages to introduce serious issues such as homophobia and family conflict with a perfect balance between depth and feel-good moments

‘Ask, tell’ by E J Noyes

Category: military, romance.

This is a beautiful love story between two US army doctors (one the superior of the other) in times of the Don’t ask don’t tell policy.

‘Turbulence’ by E J Noyes

Category: romance.

This is the story of Isabelle, a rich stockbroker who has a one-night stand with Audrey, unaware that she is the new-hired pilot of Isabelle’s private jet. Having to meet each other almost every day, the plot focuses on how their relationship evolves.

‘The Lily and the Crown’ by Rosalyn  Sinclair

Category: sci-fi, romance.

‘The Lily and the Crown’ is a sci-fi story in which the universe is ruled by a human empire under attack of both pirates and extraterrestrials. In this context, Ariana is a recluse botanist, daughter of a space station commander. Her world is turned upside down when she is given a slave to assist her. The nameless slave is beautiful, intelligent and sexy and will change Ariana’s life forever.

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