Review of ‘The Lone Hunt’ by L.L. Raand.

I’m not certain how to even start with a book like this! This is book number four in the six book Midnight Hunters series by Radclyffe, writing as L.L.Raand. These are fantasy books following the Wolf Ware Alpha Sylvan Mir and the Adirondack Timberwolf Pack. The previous books should be read in order as one will continue to build the story started by its predecessor. The Praetern Coalition seeks to get humans to acknowledge the other species, such as wares and vampires, as citizens with rights. This has made the Praetern individuals and societies visible after millennia of hiding amongst humans. Of course, powerful individuals seek to eradicate them and go as far as experimentation and assassination.

This book continues to tell the story of the Praetern and human struggle but centers around one of Alpha Mir’s previous guards. Lara was once a dominant ware turned vampire and now serves as Warlord for newly risen and powerful Vampire Gates. As she struggles to come to terms with her new identity while trying to hold on to her wolf, she finds herself alone and shunned by vampires and wares alike. This changes as she finds a dominant Cat Ware Alpha on the run. Together they must find a new place in their society and join the fight that threatens all Praeterns.
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Review of ‘Twice in a lifetime’ by Jodie Griffin.

Talia Wasserman is a widow with grown-up daughters who just got a job as a civilian assistant to Lieutenant Eve Pope, chief of Police Community Relations. Their chemistry is hard to ignore but boss-subordinate relationships are frown upon. To make matters worse, there is a criminal on the lose endangering female police officers. Can Talia find love twice in a lifetime and not lose her partner again?

‘Twice in a lifetime’ is an interracial romance with a small side of mystery. Kudos to the author to feature two women in their early fifties, both with grown-up children and a bisexual protagonist who is in a lesbian relationship for the first time. This provides a realistic view of a bisexual character who didn’t have to deal with homophobia before because she was married to a man.Read More »

Review of ‘Unexpected Partners’ by Michelle Larkin.

Dr. Chloe Maddox is a cop turned sex crime profiler who has restarted her career at the Boston Police Department, where Dana Blake works as a detective. One evening, Chloe sees a suspect in the office that triggers lost memories from when she was abducted and left for dead two years prior. Dana immediately recognizes that Chloe has a connection to a previous case and is the only one capable of sending the psychopath to jail. As the suspect is arraigned and released on bail, Dana and Chloe find themselves running away from a serial killer. Can they survive and help each other move on from their previous traumatic experiences?

This book was intense, with crimes that are sexual in nature. However, a lot is implied and thankfully not described in detail. The two main characters endure many ordeals, yet are strong and have great, immediate chemistry. Even though circumstances are not ideal, the budding romance is not too much of a stretch as it’s skillfully written.Read More »