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Find your Match in Lesbian Books


If you are an author looking to submit your ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) or an already published book to review in LezReviewBooks, please use the form below

Submission Guidelines:

If you are an author willing to submit a copy of your book in exchange for an honest review, please read the following guidelines. reviews lesfic, that is, a literary work of fiction that features at least one lesbian main character. Any other category won’t be accepted.

Timeframe: Due to the high volume of ARCs received, we are no longer able to review all the books we get. If your book is selected by our team, it normally takes a month from ARC submission to published review but please bear in mind that this period is only approximate.

Cost: nothing. We don’t sell reviews.

Format: please submit your copy as an epub file.


Genres we don’t normally review: poetry or nonfiction.

Content not accepted: extreme violence, non-consensual sex (in all its forms), abuse, heterosexual sex.


Our reviews won’t be shared with the authors in advance of publication on this website and/or social media outlets. We’ll only contact you once the review is published.

To avoid piracy, we won’t share the ARC copy with anyone else.

We reserve the right to refuse to review a book if we didn’t find it suitable for our website or if we don’t feel we can recommend it to our readers for any reason.

If you would like to submit an ARC please use the form below. Only epub files are accepted.

If you have any questions or comments please click here

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