Review of 'Twice in a lifetime' by Clare Lydon.

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Review of ‘Twice in a lifetime’ by Clare Lydon.

Clare Lydon is a pro writer of feel-good lesbian romantic comedies. Her books are the equivalent of a hot chocolate in front of a fireplace: they leave the reader all warm inside. Normally her stories are inspired in London and have a British feel, but this time Ms. Lydon decided to depart from her comfort zone and set her romance in the US and write it in American English. I understand her possible reasons behind it as conquering the American readers and eventual ‘world domination’. Even though I miss her Britishness, I think she pull this book off expertly.
Set in Chicago and New York, this is the story of former high school sweethearts Harriet and Sally who accidentally meet again seventeen years later. The plot describes their trials and tribulations at second chances and long distance relationships. Ms. Lydon puts into the mix an eccentric lesbian aunt, a tight group of friends, witty dialogues and an equal parts sexy and hilarious elevator ‘ride’ for an entertaining and satisfying read.
Overall, 5 stars. Highly recommended for lesbian rom-com fans.
ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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