A sexy lesbian erotica audiobook

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lesbian erotica audiobook

A sexy lesbian erotica audiobook

Review of ‘Girl Talk’ by Cassidy Storm,

Audiobook narrated by Alessandra Wilder

Autumn is tired of going on dates with men who let her down and is starting to wonder if she could ever find Mr. Right. One evening she receives a phone call from an ‘unknown number’, a woman, who starts talking to her seductively. Despite Autumn’s assurances that she is straight, the sexy phone calls continue, increasing the innuendo and the heat level up to a point in which Autumn begins to fantasise about this mystery woman. Will she give this fantasy a chance?


I chose this audiobook as it’s in LezReviewBooks list of best lesbian erotica. As part of my new year resolution, I decided to read more new authors, plus the book blurb caught my attention. ‘Girl talk’ is Ms. Storm’s 2018 debut novella and I have to say that I’m delightfully surprised by the result. It’s far from being perfect but considering that the main characters are apart most of the story, the author managed to turn that potentially negative situation into a very, very hot tale. This is a testament to Ms. Storm’s ability to write natural-sounding dialogues and varied phone sex scenes.

It’s not hard to guess that this is a challenging book to narrate, in my opinion, Ms. Wilder did a good job but other narrators would have done better. I haven’t read the written version but I would have probably rated it higher. Written in first person just from Autumn’s point of view, Ms. Wilder’s narrative tone sounded on the flat side. I wasn’t convinced by her narration of the phone conversations which sounded read more than performed. Surprisingly enough, the sex scenes sounded much more convincing than the dialogues and it makes the audiobook worth listening to.

Overall, a sexy lesbian erotica audiobook, 4 stars.

lesbian erotica audiobooklesbian erotica audiobook

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