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An odd lesbian age-gap romance book

Lesbian Age-gap Romance Book Review of ‘The woman at the edge of town’ by Georgette Kaplan


3.5 Stars. This was a bit of an oddball book. Well, to be honest, all of Kaplan’s books are a little odd, but I like that about them. However, this book’s oddness didn’t work as well for me. It almost felt like this book had a bit of an identity crisis, it didn’t know exactly what it wanted to be. I think this may be my least favorite of all Kaplan’s book’s but even with its issues, I did still enjoy it.

Kaplan has a really stylistic way of writing. Sometimes it almost makes some of her lines hard to follow enough that you’re not completely sure what she means, other times her lines feel almost brilliant. It’s a really odd mix and an odd way of writing which I know doesn’t work for everyone but does for me for the most part.Read More »

This collection Laid Bare great erotic lesbian stories.

Lesbian Book Review of ‘Laid bare. A collection of erotic lesbian stories’ by Astrid Ohletz & Jae (editors).


This is a collection of eleven short erotic lesbian stories edited by Astrid Ohletz & Jae for Ylva Publishing. Some of these works have been published previously as stand-alone. Normally the quality of the stories in these compilations is mixed but I’m happy to say that in this case all of them are really good.

‘Flashbang’ is a short sequel of Lee Winter’s excellent book ‘The red files’ and it explores reporters Lauren and Catherine’s new relationship. Steamy and well-written. 5 stars.

‘A different view’ by Jess Lea is a long-ish, interracial, age-gap story between a sportswoman and a photographer involving self-gratification. 3.5 stars.Read More »

Review of ‘Wild rides and other lesbian erotic adventures’ by Sacchi Green.

3.5 Stars. This was a steamy collection of erotic-romance shorts. I must admit I went into reading this collection with lower expectations. I read a full-length book by Green late last year and did not care for it. I’m not sure if that book was just a fluke or what, but these shorts were so much more enjoyable than I anticipated. Green can write short stories really well.

Erotic shorts in themselves are not a favorite of mine. I love good steamy sex scenes but I want them to have meaning. I want to see them used to show the intimacy between the main characters and further their relationship. You can’t always do that in a short story due to time limits, therefore, they can sometimes seem like sex for just the sake of sex. That was not the case with this collection at all. These short stories were well thought out and had a storyline that was worth reading. The steamy scenes were just a pleasant bonus.

Overall this was a really good collection. Like most collections not every story is perfect. There were two short stories that I just flat out didn’t care for, but when you have fourteen to read, there were plenty that I really enjoyed. What I loved was the variety. There were modern day romances, romances that took place during the Vietnam War and even right after the Civil War. There were two paranormal romances (ghosts and vampires), an out-there but still interesting futuristic-sci-fi story, and one of my favorites, a well written historical fantasy that I desperately wanted to see turned into a full-length book. No matter what your tastes are, there is an erotic short for just about any reader.

When it comes to romances, most of the stories would be considered butch-femme or sporty-femme. What I was surprised to see was a romance between two tough androgynous women. I hate sticking labels on people but in lesfic, we almost always read romances between butch/femme or femme/femme, I can’t even remember the last time I read a romance that I would consider butch/butch. The story was about two tough women in prison and it ended up being one of my favorites. I have to give props to Green for going a little outside the common lesfic box.

The type of erotic romances in this book I think will have wide appeal. The sex scenes are good and steamy. There are a little spanking and even light bondage, but I would not consider the stories hardcore BDSM.

If you are looking to spice up your night with a little steam and some really readable and interesting stories, this collection is for you. It was better than I expected and I’m glad I read it.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

Review of ‘Escape to pleasure. Lesbian travel erotica’ edited by Sandy Lowe and Victoria Villasenor.

This is a collection of 18 erotica short stories by different authors such as Aurora Rey, Sam Ledel, Jeannie Levig, Kris Bryant (writing as Brit Ryder), Jane Esther, among others. Edited by Sandy Lowe and Victoria Villasenor (also known by her pen name Brey Willows), the stories are compiled under the theme of erotic lesbian travel. They depict a wide range of travel situations, destinations and seasons along with different sexual scenes for almost every taste.

As it’s the norm in these types of collections, there are great stories and others not so good. My favourites were ‘Mistakes happen’ by Brit Ryder, ‘A fantasy getaway’ by Jeannie Levig and ‘The lay of the land’ by Raven Sky. For me, these stories were the ones that better captured the sensuality of traveling with the joys of lesbian sex.

Overall, a very good collection under the theme of erotic lesbian travel. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Review of ‘Going down’ by Barbara Bell.

After a quick hookup with her boss Casey at their work’s Christmas party, Ellie tries her best to avoid her gorgeous manager. But that is about to change when they both get trapped inside an elevator for hours and have to face their feelings for each other…

This is a hot and entertaining erotica novella part of the ‘Dirty Bits’ collection by Carina Press. Written in third person from the point of view of Ellie, the reader is stuck in her headspace with her funny, sarcastic and insecure personality. It also provides an air of mystery surrounding Cassie that suits the character’s personality and her position as Ellie’s boss.

The novella starts in the present as the elevator gets stuck and both mains are trapped inside. There are a few flashbacks from the Christmas party in which Ellie and Cassie had a bit of action in a toilet stall. The transitions between present and past are seamless and gradually give background to the story.

The sex scenes are very well written and have all the ingredients for a great erotica read: steamy and varied. They showcase the characters’ personalities and their budding relationship. Worth a read for erotica fans.

Overall, a well written, entertaining and hot erotica novella. 4.5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Review of ‘The sex therapist next door’ by Meghan O’Brien.

Diana Kelley is a sex therapist with emotional intimacy issues who needs to find a replacement for her impending hands-on sexual education workshop. She decides to ask Jude Monaco, her younger next door neighbour who secretly has a crush on Diana. As the workshop progresses, both women’s feelings and fears start to unravel. Would it lead to something deeper as Jude craves?

Meghan O’Brien is one of the best lesfic writer of erotica. There’s no doubt that she can write hot, different and wide-raging erotic scenes. ‘The sex therapist next door’ is a prime example of this. The best parts of the book are the erotic ones while the rest is just average; sometimes repetitive, others plain melodramatic.

Sex therapist Diana is a hard to like character, she comes across as self-absorbed, distant and sometimes manipulative person. At 39 years old, she refers herself as a ‘middle age’ woman but sometimes she is very immature. She plays the age-gap card (of 13 years) continuously though most of the time Jude seems the mature one. Jude is more likeable though her transformation into a needy character feels more like a plot device rather than the expected development of her relationship with Diana. Both characters spend a long time in their heads and some of Diana’s arguments for why she shouldn’t get involved with Jude are so repetitive that cause more irritation than empathy. However, there is a good subplot between Ava, Diana’s best friend, and Katrina, Jude’s cousin.

Having said all this, if you are looking for good quality, lesbian erotica and you don’t mind much of the rest of the plot, this books is right for you. 3.5 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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