A hot erotica audiobook with a fantastic narration
Pool Party by Paris Rivera

A hot erotica audiobook with a fantastic narration

Review of Pool Party – Lesbian Erotica. Tasha, Catherine, Francisca… and Mrs Robertson by Paris Rivera, Audiobook narrated by Piper Fairweather

I’ve listened to a couple of Paris Rivera’s lesbian erotica audiobooks and really liked them so when the author contacted me offering this one in exchange for an honest review I was happy to accept. Ms. Rivera warned me that it was intense… Intense indeed.


Mrs. Robertson (any similarities with Mrs. Robinson?), the 38-year-old next-door neighbour is invited to use the Telfords’ swimming pool. There she meets their 20-year-old shy but flirtatious daughter, the Telfords’ young maid, and her an African American friend. What follows is an afternoon of pleasure for them all…

When you pick up a book or audiobook by Paris Rivera you can rest assured that you will get well-written, good-quality lesbian erotica. Not beating around the bush (sorry for the easy pun), her stories are usually short and to the point. This is not Meghan O’Brien, you don’t get a backstory or much in terms of feelings but all the characters are distinctive in their personalities and traits.

I’m not gonna be spoiling anything by saying that there is an element of group sex. The title kind of gives it away. These types of scenes are hard to write as there are different characters and lots of body parts involved. Ms. Rivera was up for the challenge and made the scenes flow naturally. There are some elements of voyeurism and very light submission that are absolutely scorching hot.

The thing with erotica audiobooks is that much of the overall quality depends on the narrator’s performance. And what a performance this is. Piper Fairweather gives most erotica narrators a run for their money. Not only all the voices for the main four characters are distinct but also the accents are spot on. A southern belle, an African American and a Mexican-American accent, all of them were perfect. But above all, her performance of the different sex scenes was absolutely fantastic. She made it all sound natural and sizzling hot. I cannot fault her performance at all.

If you are looking for a hot erotica audiobook to enjoy for a bit over 2 hours, search no more. This audiobook does exactly what it says on the tin. 5 stars.

Length: 2 hrs and 16 mins

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Pool Party by Paris Rivera

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