A sweet lesbian love story

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sweet lesbian love story

A sweet lesbian love story

This was my first novel by this author, and WOW I just loved it. It isn’t a new kind of plot but it didn’t stop me from enjoying this sweet lesbian love story.

Review of ‘Coming home’ by KJ

This was my first novel by this author, and WOW I just loved it. This is her third book and I will definitely be reading the others too.


The story is a heartwarming romance with “Sam” Samantha Markson and “Abby” Abigail Taylor in lead roles. There is a third really important person I can’t leave out, Abby’s nine-year-old daughter Grace who is just great. It isn’t a new kind of plot but even when I expected what the conflict might be, it didn’t stop me from enjoying this sweet lesbian love story.

When Abby, a world-famous actress from the States, goes to Melbourne for starring in her new film, she brings Grace with her. She wants her daughter to learn as much as she can about the country her mother is originally from. She hires a private teacher and therefore Sam makes an appearance. Sam is a teacher at a private girls’ school when the school’s director asks her to teach a nine-year-old girl for three months.

I fell in love with Sam immediately, her humor, her ability to make everybody at ease and her charm let me fall for her. That she is tall, blonde and beautiful didn’t hurt either. She’s such a sweetheart. Like Sam, I also had a little crush on Abby too, the gorgeous, beautiful actress. The chemistry is great and sparks are flying very soon, but it isn’t instant love, it’s more of a slow-burn romance. With the ‘sword of Damocles’ hanging above their heads, both women don’t want to start something with each other when after three months Abby will go back to the US. But as you know, you can’t organize everything in your life as you want, especially when it comes to love.

The romance is sweet, but what I liked the most, was the talking and the interaction with each other. It is written very well with a great part of humor and witty comments, and with some great secondary characters as well. Sam, Abby, and Grace are very well characterized and developed and the whole story is realistic.

I highly recommend this book to every romance lover, I’m happy I’ve read this book and have discovered a new author for me. My rating 4.75 stars

ARC provided by the author and LezReviewBooks.com in exchange for an honest review.

sweet lesbian love storysweet lesbian love story

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