A fantastic lesbian chick lit book

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A fantastic lesbian chick lit book

A fantastic lesbian chick lit book. '30 dates in 30 days' by Elle Spencer is a clever, funny and light romance with great chemistry and a superb cast.

Review of ’30 dates in 30 days’ by Elle Spencer

Veronica Welch is a lawyer about to be named partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in New York City. Her professional life’s goal almost achieved, she wants to get married by the age of 35. As she lets her plan known to her assistant, Bea organises a series of 30 dates in 30 days for her boss. Rachel Monaghan doesn’t do serious relationships. She’s a renowned wedding photographer and part-time bartender at her cousins’ place. There, she meets Veronica and each of her daily dates. Sparks fly between them but Veronica believes in true love and Rachel doesn’t. Do they have a chance together?


Elle Spencer made a big entrance in the lesfic world with her very popular debut book ‘Casting Lacey‘ which I loved. I admit that I wasn’t fussed about the following ones, specially ‘The road to Madison’ but I’m happy to say that she absolutely nailed this one. ’30 dates in 30 days’ is a fantastic story, a prime example of a lesbian Chick Lit book in the style of Melissa Brayden. If you are a Brayden’s fan, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Although the idea of online dating in romance novels isn’t new, I loved the way Ms. Spencer handled this with humour and originality. Some of the dating stories are hilarious borderline with ridiculous, but the story captures really well how unnerving the situation could be. The premise of identifying each date by their choice of drink is very clever and so is the fact that the reader doesn’t know Veronica’s real kind of drink until the end. Both V and Rachel are very well written characters, in their differences and similarities. Both V’s desire to find the one and Rachel’s aversion to serious relationships are believable and relatable.

However, what really stole the show for me was the off the charts chemistry between the mains. Ms. Spencer knows how to build the tension so thick that you could cut it with a proverbial knife. The intimate scenes are really hot, specially the one that involves a mirror. It reminded me to another hot scene in Lee Winter’s ‘The brutal truth’. Kudos to the author to bring originality in those crucial but hard to write parts in a romance book. The secondary characters are lovable with their joy of life at old age. Behind the banter and witty dialogues between them, the reader can pick some pearls of wisdom about life and love. In addition, the mains from ‘The road to Madison’ make an appearance in this book so the reader can catch up with their lives.

Overall, a clever, funny and light romance with great chemistry and a superb cast. 5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian chick lit booklesbian chick lit book

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