Lesbian fantasy crime book

Going Wild with this Lesbian Fantasy Crime Book

Lesbian Fantasy Crime Book Review of ‘Wild’ by Meghan O’Brien

I chose O’Brien’s ‘Wild’ continuing with my new year resolution to read more lesbian books out of my comfort zone. Thanks, Tere for the recommendation! I’m so glad I decided to finally take the plunge and read it. It’s true that it deals with a vicious serial killer and there are violence and some disturbing content which normally are triggers for me, but the author handles them with finesse.

Selene Rhodes is a reclusive designer who hides a secret, not only she can shift to any other animal shape but also every full moon she transforms into a werewolf without a human conscience. So, for her, any romantic involvement is ruled out. Forensic pathologist Eve Thomas is brilliant at her profession but unlucky in love. When she meets Selene, who helps her after an attack, they cannot help but feel strongly drawn to each other. But Selene keeps secrets and Eve cannot trust her. Can Selene open up to Eve and help her catch a dangerous serial killer?Read More »

Lesbian Crime Book

No Good Reason to not read this lesbian crime book

Lesbian Crime Book Review of ‘No Good Reason’ by Cari Hunter


Why didn’t anyone recommend this book to me? 😉 Ok, ok, several people did. I was too darn stubborn and wanted to save it for a rainy day. I may have to dive into the three and a half (there is a short story too) lesbian crime book series right away.

This is the story of Sanne Jensen, a British detective that stumbles upon a kidnapping victim, sending her department into a manhunt. The manhunt turns frantic as another victim is discovered. In the meantime, Sanne’s longtime friend, Dr. Meg Fielding helps her try to keep some sanity through the case while trying to figure out the state of their relationship.

Can the detectives beat the clock and save the other victim before it is too late?Read More »

This story got me in the palm of its hand

Lesbian Book Review of ‘In the palm’ by Elna Holst.

I’ve absolutely loved this book, it’s got everything in one very well-written package: adventure, mystery, and romance. The story is a very loose retelling of Robinson Crusoe, starting with a punch. A woman is stranded in an isolated island with no recollection of who she is and how she got there and with the only certainty that, if she wants to survive, she needs to amputate one of her hands.

As the story develops, the main character and the reader are slowly clued on the real identity and the mystery surrounding her. Read More »

A ‘Perfect Match’ made in Japan.

Review of ‘Perfect Match Book One’ by Mildred Gail Digby.

This was different from the usual romance books I get to read. Although still a medical romance, the setting made it seem far from what we are used to.

Megan Maier is a pediatrician returning to work after losing her partner the previous year in an unfortunate accident. She is taken by Syler Terada, a pediatric surgeon with dashing, androgynous looks. The attraction is immediate and was mildly disappointing since it happened on the heels of Megan’s panic attack. However, the rest of the interactions are great and not rushed, so overall the romance was done very well.

As mentioned above, the singular element in the book is the Japan setting. I was not sure initially where they were as it was only clear that Megan had been in Thailand the previous year. I also could not tell which language they were referencing. The narration is obviously in English, but there are Japanese words sprinkled throughout the story. The author, later on, mentions that the characters were speaking Japanese at times and even mentions how English and German are other languages spoken at the hospital. I enjoy other languages, wanted to see how Japan’s medicine was portrayed and certainly, the author showcased her knowledge of Japanese, but these words were a reading disruption for me as I did not have a clear translation readily available for many of them and I frequently found myself searching for definitions on the internet.Read More »

Review of ‘Gallows Humor’ by Carolyn Elizabeth.

Oh yes, this was right up my alley! Corey Curtis is a forensic anthropologist working at Jackson City Memorial Hospital’s morgue. She performs autopsies and helps train residents which is when she first lays eyes on Dr. Thayer Reynolds. Thayer is starting her Emergency Department fellowship when she wonders to the morgue to check out the mysterious Curtis. The attraction is immediate, but before they can act on it, Corey finds herself in the midst of investigating the cause of death of one of her autopsies as there is not enough evidence for the police to take the case on as a homicide. Her investigation makes her and Thayer face dire events and consequences that put their lives and budding romance at risk.

The initial interactions between the main characters were funny and well written. One could feel the spark right away. Both main characters are strong women with no horrible past to keep them from acknowledging their feelings, thank you! Sometimes it seems all characters in lesfic have something to overcome or keep them from acting in a rational manner towards a new, fantastic experience. I found it refreshing, although wondered where the story would go then. However, have no fear, the author manages conflict in other wonderful ways!

This book has so many great elements. There is a first-responder feel to the story even though Corey is a morgue employee. There are definitely medical themes throughout the book, and I’ll be honest, I absolutely loved them. The author gets a chance to shine through her expertise in forensic anthropology, which is terrific as it gives instant credibility to her work. There is also some action, a gym, and let’s not forget that the characters’ connection is great too! The secondary characters are well done and in particular, I enjoyed the police officer, Collier. His banter with Corey was very entertaining and no doubt added depth to the story. On the downside, the mystery is straightforward and not meant to be the main focus of the book. This may disappoint some avid mystery readers.

This is Ms Elizabeth’s debut novel. I can’t help but be excited for her future work and hope she turns this story into a series.

Overall a great read that will appeal to science/medical and romance fans alike. 4.5 stars

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