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I absolutely recommend this lesbian dramatic romance book

Review of ‘Burn it down’ by K. Aten

4.50 Stars. Anyone who follows my reviews knows I’m a big Aten fan. I love her writing style and the fact that she writes in every category imaginable so each book feels completely new. From her fan-freaking-tastic fantasy series about the Amazons in ‘The Fletcher’ to her futuristic/sci-fi2019 Goldie award winner ‘Waking the Dreamer’, there is something for every type of fan to enjoy. This book is herRead More »

Review of ‘A wish upon a star’ by Jeannie Levig.

Leslie Raymond returns to her hometown in LA after a bad relationship that left her wary of straight women with children. Erica Cooper has a 7 year old girl with special needs and has learnt to stay independent and not to rely on anyone else. Not even her new next door neighbour Leslie who is so good to her daughter. It doesn’t hurt that Leslie is caring and gorgeous too. Will the stars align for them?

This is another fantastic book by Ms. Levig. It is not only a romance but also a story about maternal love, friendship and loyalty. Kudos to the author for featuring an older couple both in their early fifties but so full of life. Alongside them, there is Siena, Erica’s daughter who has ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’. She is portrayed with incredible authenticity as both a child and a person with special needs. It seems that the author did her research well not only in Siena’s personality but also in her relationship with others.

They say that children and dogs steal a show and this is no exception. Side by side with the trio is Gus, a stray dog rescued by Leslie who is the epitome of the (wo)man’s best friend. I’m more of a cat person but Gus’s loyalty and bond with the mains really won my heart. Without him, the story would have lost some of its most inspiring and moving moments.

The romance is slow burn and the mains’ chemistry builds up exquisitely. These are women with some baggage but nothing feels contrived or forced. The dialogues are natural sounding and all the characters, main or secondary, human or otherwise, are well rounded and credible. Every single part of the story flows seamlessly and the setting is perfect. This has been a joy to read.

Overall, a fantastic romance with very credible characters and a believable story. 5 stars.

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Review of ‘The sex therapist next door’ by Meghan O’Brien.

Diana Kelley is a sex therapist with emotional intimacy issues who needs to find a replacement for her impending hands-on sexual education workshop. She decides to ask Jude Monaco, her younger next door neighbour who secretly has a crush on Diana. As the workshop progresses, both women’s feelings and fears start to unravel. Would it lead to something deeper as Jude craves?

Meghan O’Brien is one of the best lesfic writer of erotica. There’s no doubt that she can write hot, different and wide-raging erotic scenes. ‘The sex therapist next door’ is a prime example of this. The best parts of the book are the erotic ones while the rest is just average; sometimes repetitive, others plain melodramatic.

Sex therapist Diana is a hard to like character, she comes across as self-absorbed, distant and sometimes manipulative person. At 39 years old, she refers herself as a ‘middle age’ woman but sometimes she is very immature. She plays the age-gap card (of 13 years) continuously though most of the time Jude seems the mature one. Jude is more likeable though her transformation into a needy character feels more like a plot device rather than the expected development of her relationship with Diana. Both characters spend a long time in their heads and some of Diana’s arguments for why she shouldn’t get involved with Jude are so repetitive that cause more irritation than empathy. However, there is a good subplot between Ava, Diana’s best friend, and Katrina, Jude’s cousin.

Having said all this, if you are looking for good quality, lesbian erotica and you don’t mind much of the rest of the plot, this books is right for you. 3.5 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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