Review of ‘The Goodmans’ by Clare Ashton.

Dr. Abby Hart lives in a little town in England secretly in love with her straight best friend Jude Goodman. Her mother, Maggie Goodman, is like a parent to Abby. But Abby isn’t the only one hiding secrets and they could surface any time with enormous consequences for everyone involved.

What an incredible read. Ms. Ashton has done it again. The first impression is that this is a ‘best friends to lovers’ romance but it’s so much more.
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Review of ‘Easy Nevada and the pyramid’s curse’ by Georgette Kaplan.

This book is part one of ‘The Cushing-Nevada chronicles’ series which follows the adventures of archaeologist Dr. Candice Cushing and maverick treasure hunter Easy Nevada. They are both interested in digging the secrets of a mysterious pyramid in Sudan: Candice for widening the country’s heritage, Easy for her own materialistic interests. As a group of religious extremists get involved in the hunt, both women become unlikely allies to try to unearth the pyramid’s secrets without dying in the process.

To say that this is an action book is a huge understatement. Wild adventure, crazy non-stop action and characters constantly on the move is a better definition. The author plays with the opposites well: Candice is a mixed race, Sudanese-British archaeologist, alledgedly straight and eager to play by the rules, while Easy is white, American, lesbian, womaniser and daredevil. Both characters’ voices are well developed and distinctive. As scene after scene of dangerous adventures go by, Candice teaches Easy world history while Easy teaches Candice extreme banter and her skills in handling weapons.

“If you were my student, I’d fail you,” Candice muttered to the retreating back. Ahead, the floor had caved, leaving a four-foot gap. Nevada cleared it in one jump. “If you were my professor, I’d sleep with you and get a good grade.” (Chapter 6)

Their chemistry builds up slowly but surely and even though there’s no time for many romantic developments in this book, there’s a promise of more in the next one.

The story is written from different point of views, including the villains, but mainly focuses in both main characters. Although there is a partial resolution of the plot, the whole adventure is not finished and a sequel is scheduled for 2019 called ‘Candice Cushing and the lost tomb of Cleopatra’.

I’ve read the ‘Scissor link’ series by this author but this book is by far her best. Overall, an action packed thriller filled with witty dialogues and great landscape descriptions. 4.5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Review of ‘The London of us’ by Clare Lydon.

This is book 4 in the ‘London romance’ series. It can be read as a standalone novel though I recommend to read them all if you like lesbian romances with a British feel. As in the previous books, London is at the background of a beautiful love story.

Alice Di Santo has a comfortable life. A job that she enjoys, great friends, supportive family and a lovely boyfriend. Even her social media life is thriving as a co-star in an increasingly popular YouTube channel. But lately she feels that something is missing in her life soon discovering her growing attraction for her friend Rachel, a sexy and very lesbian chef. Surely this is a passing crush, or is it?

‘The London of us’ is as much a romance as a coming out story. Ms. Lydon wisely chose to write it in first person from Alice point of view getting us into her headspace as she deals with her first ever attraction to a woman. The book starts with a bang and keeps the momentum with humour and wittiness that puts a smile on your face. Those of us who have experienced the coming out process know that it’s not an easy path and Ms. Lydon showcases this but the angst, while realistic, never takes the lightness of her writing style. As a matter of fact, Alice’s coming out scene with her parents is the funniest I’ve read in lesfic. All the characters – mains and secondary – are well portrayed and the intimate scenes are hot, highlighting the chemistry between the main leads.

Overall, a very good addition to this successful series. Great read for romance fans. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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