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Sangria is an alcoholic drink of Spanish origin based on red wine and fruit. It’s a sweet  and refreshing beverage for ideal for sunshine days and hot weather.

In ‘Love all’ by Rachel Spangler, Sadie and Jay enjoy together a sangria and paella while tennis star Jay was touring in Spain. Will they find love together?

In ‘Love like this’ by Melissa Brayden, Hadley and Spencer go for a romantic date drinking sangria in Venice Beach, California. But Hadley’s ideas about love and commitment are very different from Spencer’s. Will they have a future together?

In ‘Autumn’s light’ by Aurora Rey, Graham and her friends relax drinking sangria. Will Graham find true love with commitment phobic Mat Pero?

Sangria recipe

Use a big jug (2 litres or more). Cut the following fruit in cubes or wedges:

2 pears
5 plums
3 peaches
1 lemon (squeeze the juice in the jug and add it)
1 orange (squeeze the juice in the jug and add it)

750 ml red wine (Merlot, Tempranillo, Rioja or something fruity)
500 ml lemonade
Sugar to taste, I normally add 5 tablespoons

Stir everything with a big spoon. Leave it to rest in the fridge for 3-4 hours.


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