Review of ‘Cameron’s rules’ by Baxter Brown.

After an accidental meeting in which writer Julie Carter spills coffee on corporate lawyer Cameron Kassen’s clothes, Julie gets hooked and invites her on a date. But Cameron lives in Toronto and Julie in San Diego and the distance between them isn’t just physical…

One of the issues I have with this book is that, in my opinion, it is marketed completely wrong. I have three reasons to support my argument: first, it is under the romance category while it should have been categorised as general fiction. Second, the cover suggests a light read which is completely the opposite. Third, the book blurb is misleading, again suggesting a playfulness that this novel lacks. Read More »

Review of ‘Pursuit of happiness’ by Carsen Taite.

Senator Meredith Mitchell, member of an American political dynasty, is expected to become the first American female and openly lesbian president. When she meets public defender Stevie Palmer their mutual attraction is undeniable. Stevie is dedicated to her job and has strong convictions. Trying to date a presidential candidate gets tricky when her privacy is threatened but it becomes impossible when one of Steve’s clients might implicate the Senator’s family in a corruption case. But even the potentially most powerful person in the world needs a chance at love, doesn’t she?

This book is part of a group of political-themed thrillers written by this author along with ‘Courtship’ and ‘A more perfect union’. The main characters of those books make an appearance here which is good to catch up with their stories.

There’s a huge amount of political content in this book, I wouldn’t recommend it to people who aren’t interested in the issue. Even for a person knowledgeable in politics it might be too much as the romance is left in the background. The chemistry is limited because the mains are separated most of the book and, unfortunately, the sexual tension isn’t hot on the scale either.

The novel also introduces a subplot with one of Steve’s cases with potential legal implications for Meredith’s family. At parts it is full of legal jargon hard to follow for the rest of us and feels a bit rushed at the end. The political plot follows the Senator’s bid for the presidency which is a bit simplified but not enough to avoid some technicalities that might confuse some readers. I personally enjoyed it but I have a degree in political science and an interest in American politics.

Overall, an entertaining read for anyone interested in American politics and its legal system but a bit lacking in the romance department. 3.5 stars.

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Review of ‘Lovebirds’ by Lisa Moreau.

Emily Wellington is the owner of a bird magazine who urgently needs a breakthrough article to keep it afloat. When she travels to Ojai, California to search for an elusive flock of Madagascar lovebirds, she wasn’t counting on crossing paths with gorgeous but infuriating pole dancer Sydney Cooper. As they get to know each other, their attraction is undeniable but Emily is engaged and Sidney is not interested in getting involved with anyone. Will they have their happily ever after?

This is a light, funny and entertaining read based on an original idea with the beautiful setting of Ojai valley in California. As she did in ‘The butterfly whisperer’, Ms. Moreau describes nature skillfully. I particularly loved her use of birds’ metaphors throughout the book. The dialogues are funny and witty, the main characters are lovable and their chemistry is spot on.

‘Lovebirds’ is mainly a romance with a bit of adventure at the side. I should warn romance fans that this book deals with infidelity, though it is mild. Additionally, some situations felt a bit forced and unrealistic but they suit the lightness of the plot. In order to enjoy this book, I suggest not to take it too seriously.

Overall, an ok read if you are a nature lover and you aren’t too bothered by mild infidelity. 3.5 stars.

ARC provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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