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Recommended lesbian books

Recommended lesbian books for April 2021

Here are our recommended lesbian books for April. As usual, we have new releases, audiobooks, and a 2020 book you should read.


Recommended new releases

Traditional romance

The Secret Poet by Georgia Beers

Morgan Thompson is contented with her life as office manager to her brother’s medical practice and playing matchmaker to him. It’s only natural that when the new gorgeous pharmaceutical representative walks into… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

The Secrets We Keep by Donna Jay

Sadie never thought she’d end up living in her car and yet, here she is. Which in turn (and I won’t spoil how it happens) leaves her jobless too. When she gets a job interview as a… See Jude’s review 

recommended lesbian books

Hideaway by Rachel Lacey

Phoebe is back in Burlington, Vermont, to get her beloved grandmother’s cabin ready for rental. That’s the official reason. Phoebe also needs a break from her life in Boston after losing both her job as a financial analyst and her…See Jude’s review

recommended lesbian books

Reach the Stars by Lily Seabrooke

Emma “Emmy” Montford is new to the song contest scene and all she wants is to have fun. Katarina “Kat” Jackson is an old hand at the game and only cares about winning. Nothing could make Emmy happier than to… See Jude’s review

recommended lesbian books

Crime / Thriller

Zero Chill by Carolyn Elizabeth

This is book 3 in the Curtis and Reynolds series which follows the lives of autopsy assistant Corey Curtis and emergency physician Dr. Thayer Reynolds who manage to get themselves… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

Courage by Jesse J. Thoma

It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of a person in distress, especially if the person is armed, to calm them down and de-escalate the situation. Natasha Pearson, a social worker, has… See Sandra’s review

recommended lesbian books


The Facts and Legends of Callie Catwell by Sophia DeRise

This was a well-written YA novel. This was actually better than I expected and a real solid debut for DeRise. This is the kind of book I wished would have been around when I… See Lex’s review

recommended lesbian books

Young Adult

When Sparks Fly by Kristen Zimmer

Britton Walsh grew up in Massachusetts’ foster system. Multiple homes, and less than ideal situations, bring her to the Cahill household during her senior year of high school. Determined to survive yet another… See Tere’s review

recommended lesbian books


Gretel on Her Own by Elna Holst

Once upon a time, a brother and sister were led away into the depths of the forest. It was only to protect them, their mother explained and the brother concurred; yet he insisted on pebbles, bread crumbs.

recommended lesbian books

Last year’s book that you should read:

The Thing about Tilly by G Benson

Tilly and Evie have been friends since college and since then, they’ve been in each other lives. That is, with the exception of those times when Tilly disappears with little more than a… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books


When you least expect it by Haley Cass, narrated by Lori Prince

Caroline Parker is a divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in love and hates Christmas because she was dumped 3 times during the holiday season. So when gorgeous Hannah Dalton, the wife of… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books

Manhattan Sloane Thriller series by Stacy Lynn Miller, narrated by Lori Prince


recommended lesbian books recommended lesbian books

Hotel Queens by Lee Winter, narrated by Angela Dawe

Fire meets ice queen in an archetypical opposites-attract romance with the setting of a cutthroat corporate world of luxury hotels. Both women will compete for the deal of their lives, the… See Gaby’s review

recommended lesbian books


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