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Recommended Lesfic Books of May 2018

Springer has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere and the summer vacation season is about to start soon, so now is the time to begin picking books for your holiday reads. Here are my favourites of the month.

Recommended new release:
‘In Development’ by Rachel Spangler.

4.5 stars

Cobie Galloway, America’s sweetheart, is tired of playing the straight girl-next-door beauty in teenage movies. She desperately wants to play a badass lesbian action heroine but needs a complete makeover, along with a super famous fake girlfriend. So, who’d be better to play that role than straight pop star Lila Wilder who’s edgy, fiercely independent, bossy but dangerously attractive? Cobie soon finds herself in a moral dilemma: is she prepared to lie her way to get the acting part of her dreams? And what if it’s not so fake after all?
Lately, there’s been a few fake relationships romances in lesfic but ‘In Development’ is one of the best. It’s a compelling, emotional and engaging story that combines A-list celebrities, a temperamental ice queen and a fake romance all in one package.

Classic lesfic book of the month:
‘Too close to touch’ by Georgia Beers.

4.5 stars

Written in 2006, this novel is the epitome of an office romance in a corporate environment. Ms. Beers plays expertly the contrasts between the main characters: boss / assistant, blonde / brunette, outgoing / reserved, age gap, and so on. As the main characters work relationship evolves so does their attraction and the tension build-up is seriously hot. This book has a mix of romance, sex, drama, angst and love.

Last year’s book that you should read:
‘Echo Point’ by Virginia Hale

5 stars

Beautiful love story set in the Blue mountains near Sidney in Australia. This is not just a romance: it’s a story of loss, family ties and redemption. The author’s description of the landscape is vivid and picturesque. The bushfires and intense heat are a metaphor of the passions at stake. Ms. Hale knows how to build up the tension and the chemistry between the main characters rages like a bushfire: uncontrollable, hot and consuming. A very solid debut novel and a highly recommended romance.

Royalty themed book that you shouldn’t miss:
‘Once Upon a Princess’ by Clare Lydon & Harper Bliss.

4 stars

Olivia Charlton is an out lesbian and the fourth in the line for the British throne. Her parents find a suitable candidate in Jemima Bradbury and all is arranged for an imminent royal (and lesbian) wedding. Olivia decides to take a break under a false name in Cornwall to relax from the commitment stress. In the small town of Otter Bay she meets coffee shop owner Rosie Perkins. Will Olivia deny her attraction to a commoner and follow the call of duty to marry Jemima? This is an enjoyable read co-written by two very talented lesfic authors specially if you are into royalty and like novels with a British feel.

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