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Find your Match in Lesbian Books

Based on the BBC radio programme ‘Desert Island Discs’, we’ve adapted this idea to ask castaways to list up to eight books, one song and one luxury item that they couldn’t do without on a desert island.

The rules are fairly simple, any type of book can be selected, but we ask that at least half are lesfic. Choices should be justified in a paragraph or two. Any type of music is allowed. The luxury item must be inanimate and of no use in escaping the island or allowing communication from outside.

K. Aten’s Desert Island Books


My book choices

Note: While my favorite books to read are speculative fiction, that doesn’t mean those are the best of all the books I’ve read. If I’m stranded on a desert island and I have limited books with me, I’d have to choose those that were tried and true with the potential to be read over and over. (All of which I have read many times)
The Growing’ by Susan Beck and Okasha Skat’si
Genre: F/F Science Fiction/Dystopian
Why? This is my favorite book. Seriously, there is no other book that touches on so many of my favorite themes in one massive novel. And it’s long, so it takes me a few days to read it. It has science fiction, spiritualism, robots, soul mates, love, action, adventure and so much more! It’s been at the top of my list for a while so of course, I’d want it with me.
Sheepfarmer’s Daughter’ (The Deed of Paksenarrion #1) by Elizabeth Moon
Genre: Mainstream Fantasy
Why? Pure unadulterated fantasy and I’ve read the trilogy so many times the paperbacks are falling apart…so I bought the ebooks. Though it wasn’t addressed at all, and the books are older than the terminology, the female MC is asexual so it was a nice change of pace to not have it focus on romance, specifically with a dude. (Mainstream fantasy can be so…ugh!)
‘Fated Love’ by Radclyffe
Genre: F/F Contemporary Romance
Why? I love the soul mate trope, and this one has it’s origins within uber fanfic, which I also love. This is my favorite and most-read contemporary romance novel.
‘A Dirty Job: A Novel’ by Christopher Moore
Genre: Mainstream fantasy/comedy
Why? If there is one person that can make me laugh consistently and exuberantly throughout a novel, it’s Moore. Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story was the first book I read by him and subsequently the first time I laughed out loud while reading. He’s that funny and you need humor on a desert island.
‘None So Blind’ by LJ Maas
Genre: F/F Contemporary Romance
Why? Much like Fated Love, the late Maas has written a beautiful ‘soul mate’ love story whose roots stemmed from uber fan fiction. I never tire of reading it over and over, a great choice when you have limited books.
‘Protector of the Realm (Supreme Constellations 1)’ by Gun Brooke
Genre: F/F Science Fiction/space drama
Why? I love science fiction and this is another novel I’ve read more times than I can count. It has action, romance, and drama all rolled into one.
‘Starting from Scratch’ by Georgia Beers
Genre: F/F Contemporary Romance
Another favorite re-read for whenever I’m feeling down. I adore the characters and Beer’s storytelling style.
‘In Development’ by Rachel Spangler
Genre: F/F Contemporary Romance
Spangler is an excellent storyteller and with In Development, she hits some of my favorite contemporary romance tropes. I love fake romance (fauxmance), and I also love celebrity romance. And of all I’ve read the past two years that hit these themes, this novel is my favorite.

My song choice

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Over The Rainbow & What A Wonderful World Medley
Why? Because it’s my happy song. Whenever it comes on my gray day gets better. It was also my wedding song on September 7th this year.

My inanimate object choice

Solar-powered laptop with a kick-ass hard drive.
Why? The first time I saw one of these I realized that you could write ANYWHERE and wasn’t dependent on a power grid.

About K. Aten

Award-winning author and Michigan native, Kelly Aten-Keilen brings heroines to life in a variety of blended LGBTQ fiction genres. She specializes in speculative fiction, focusing on extra-ordinary women who are as flawed as they are compelling. She’s not afraid of pain or adversity but loves a happy ending. Kelly’s goal with each new novel is to make people #Think, #Feel, and #Discuss.
“Some words end the silence, others begin it.”


K. Aten's Books

The Fletcher

Arrow of Artemis: Book One / 2019 GCLS Goldie Finalist in Debut

The Archer

Arrow of Artemis: Book Two

The Sagittarius

Arrow of Artemis: Book Three

Waking the Dreamer

2019 GCLS Goldie winner in Science Fiction/ Fantasy

Running from Forever

Blood Resonance: Book One

The Sovereign of Psiere

Embracing Forever

Blood Resonance: Book Two / November 1, 2019

Children of the Stars

Release Date - Early 2020

Other Desert Island Choices

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