Ups and downs for the Hobbs friends

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The Dark Winter by Elena Graf

Ups and downs for the Hobbs friends

Review of The Dark Winter by Elena Graf

The fifth book in the Hobbs series is a very strong and tough story, and some parts were extremely emotional, at least for me. I love this series and in my opinion, it just keeps getting better. In any case, the series should definitely be read in order, otherwise, readers will be missing too many subtleties.


I am always pleasantly surprised and it still captivates me how Elena Graf can write another story not only during the pandemic but one that takes place during the Covid crisis. Although we are all probably fed up with Covid disease and death, masks and protective measures, as I mentioned in my last review, the Hobbs series always feels like coming home, or better, like going on holiday every year to the same place and seeing all the endearing people again. Liz, Maggie, Lucy, Erika, Brenda, Cherie, Olivia, and Sam, I love them all.

There’s a lot going on in Hobbs after a long summer, and as the days get shorter, tensions rise, and tragedy hits the community hard. Are the friendships strong enough to go through this dark winter? The characters are the most important part of this series and they get more and more depth. I often ask myself, how would I behave in this or that situation? What would I do? My friends are very important to me too. This time the book hit especially close to home for me, as I had just lost my mother a few weeks ago after a short serious illness.

The author manages to incorporate everyday things and problems into her stories and to be a reflection of our society without becoming boring. Even the political tensions are always described close to reality. And she also never shies away from difficult topics, whether it’s racism, police violence, death, or illness. The group of friends has to deal with difficult events and, unfortunately, the Grim Reaper also makes an appearance. Strong emotions arising from unhappiness or loss, and how to deal with them. I won’t say anymore but just keep the tissues handy.

I highly recommend the whole series.
My rating: 5 stars
Many thanks to the author and Purple Hand Press for providing us with an ARC

The Dark Winter by Elena Graf

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