A good collaboration by Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger

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A Convenient Arrangement by Aurora Rey

A good collaboration by Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger

Review of A Convenient Arrangement by Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger, audiobook narrated by Kira Omans

This is a rare collaboration between two authors from different publishing houses, Aurora Rey, who’s signed to Bold Strokes Books, and Jaime Clevenger, a Bella Books author. Together they have written two books (so far) in the Mile High City Romance series: A Convenient Arrangement published by Bold Strokes Books and Love, Accidentally released by Bella Books.


Jess Archer, a lesbian media platform journalist is assigned to write an article about cuffing season from her own experience but now she has to find a willing woman. Cody Dawson needs a date for work engagements while keeping things light as she’s dedicated exclusively to her five-year-old son. A temporary arrangement is a solution for both of them but what happens when feelings get in the way?

I loved the main premise of the book, the practice of cuffing, that is, dating during the months of winter to keep warm when it’s dark and cold, only to dump the temporary partner when springtime arrives. Kind of no strings attached but with a twist.

I’ve never imagined a collaboration between these authors but after listening to this novel it now makes absolute sense to me. Both authors excel at writing butch/femme romances and their styles are very compatible. They both create emotionally vulnerable butches and strong femmes. Additionally, they both write the butch/femme sexual dynamic really well, specifically strap-on sex. All of the above is present in this novel.

I liked the main characters, they have great chemistry together and the secondary characters are also very well fleshed out, especially the five-year-old boy. This novel also introduces Amelia and Finn, the main characters of Love, Accidentally. Having said that, the plot felt a bit slow at times and the ubiquitous conflict around the 80% mark felt a bit contrived.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Kira Omans who did a good job. Her voices were distinct and the performance of emotions was very good. I’m glad I got to hear the audiobook, I think it improved the story overall. 4 stars.

Length: 9 hrs and 35 mins

A Convenient Arrangement by Aurora Rey

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