A Touch of Fire by Nita Round

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A Touch of Fire by Nita Round

A Touch of Fire by Nita Round

Always a fun ride

This is book five of the Towers of Earth series (not including two prequel novels) and I just love it to pieces. I’ve been reading it for years now and I can’t imagine not waiting for a new book to come out. I love the whole world Nita has created and when I read her Towers series, it makes me want to read her Evie Chester series (that takes place in the same world) because I can’t get enough of it all. I would highly recommend reading the Towers series in order. If you picked this book up on its own, I think it would be confusing with so many storylines continuing from the previous books. For new readers, I would suggest starting with the two prequel novellas and actually, there is a Towers of the Earth Box Set 1: A Steampunk fantasy adventure series, that has the two prequels and the first book altogether, at a reduced price (or free on Kindle Unlimited) which would be a good way to see if this great steampunk/fantasy series is for you.


While I am always impatiently waiting for these books to come out, this book especially I was really looking forward to. There are three main characters in this series and finally, this was going to be Ascara’s book. While I love all the characters, Ascara is easily my favorite and I could not wait to see where she came from and to finally get some answers about her past. Actually, I love Ascara so much that I would probably put her in my 10 favorite female character list.

This book does start a bit on the slower side, and while I say slower, I don’t mean boring. We are in a new land and meeting new tribes and learning histories and how they connect to our main characters. The geek in me loves all this world-building so I ate this part up. And honestly, after the last book, the characters needed a little cool-off time. Not everything can be death-defying so the slower pace made sense. However, that is not to say that our mains didn’t find themselves in danger eventually which lead to some fun excitement.

I was very, very happy because finally there is some real movement with the sapphic romance in this book. There has long been a love triangle going on and finally, the characters face it. I won’t tell you who, or what happened, but I want to say thank you to Nita for finally!! moving the romance forward, I’m a happy camper. 4.50 Stars.

TLDR: If you are a steampunk and or fantasy fan, these books are a must. This series is excellent and Nita’s imagination just takes these books to a whole different level. These books must be read in order as there are too many storylines that crisscross the whole series, but I would not want readers to miss any of the books anyway. This was Ascara’s book and it was a lot of fun to finally read her story and I can’t wait to see what Nita has in store for us next. These books are free on Kindle Unlimited.

A copy was given to me for a review.

A Touch of Fire by Nita RoundA Touch of Fire by Nita Round


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