An entertaining sapphic version of The Da Vinci Code
A Woman to Treasure by Ali Vali.

An entertaining sapphic version of The Da Vinci Code

Review of A Woman to Treasure by Ali Vali

This was a very entertaining read. This is like the sapphic version of The Da Vinci Code. If you enjoyed that book, chances are really high you will enjoy this. Vali was able to do what Brown did and weave fact and fiction together to make a historic tale that the characters, and us readers, could believe really happened. This story was a lot of fun and pretty romantic too.


I always love the setting Vali puts us in. New Orleans, is one of my favorite places in the world and I love how Vali’s books live and breathe that city. What was really nice is in this book is we get whisked off to England, France, and even the Sahara. I felt really immersed in the whole book and it seemed like I was right there with the characters.

I was surprised that this book had a little less action than I expected. There is still some action, but I found the book to be more adventure than action-packed. A big part of the book was very romance-focused, and it actually has the main romance and a baby historic romance that was fun to read about too. Vali mentioned, on a webinar, that she is working on putting more feelings and emotions into her books and I noticed it in this romance. I did feel the romance was a little quick to get serious and a bit too insta-lovely for my tastes, but Vali put the work in on this one. Once I tried to ignore that things were happening quickly, I could see how much chemistry was there and what a cute couple they made.

Since this book is pretty heavy on romance and has less action than expected, I have a feeling that a wide range of WLW fans will enjoy this. It’s less action and more puzzle solving and falling in love. There is enough to keep you turning the pages and some sweet swoon-worthy moments too. This would not be a bad first book to try if you are new to Vali or if you are a Vali fan already, this book should be an obvious read. This was fun and I would easily read these characters again if Vali turns this into a series. 4 stars

A copy was given to me for a review.

A Woman to Treasure by Ali Vali

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