A sweet and steamy romance with a demonic twist

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aita by cassie alexander

A sweet and steamy romance with a demonic twist

Review of “AITA?” by Cassie Alexander

When she drunkenly agrees to her fiancé summoning a demon for a threesome, Becky, 23, realises she may have a drinking problem. And maybe using alcohol as a crutch in certain circumstances isn’t her only issue. Meeting the spectacular green-skinned demon opens up a whole new world of possibilities.


Sometimes you just need a WTF book and, with this premise, this one sounded like exactly what I needed, especially with this title. I mean, how many times have I got lost in AITA posts and comments when I should have been reading a real book? And now, an actual book brings all that goodness directly to me? Yes please.

While it was the light and funny story I was hoping for, AITA? is also more than that. These two women’s – one human, one demonic – journey to finding themselves and their forever love is way more moving than I expected, way more than just a sexy romp. Becky grows from a naive young woman, unsure of her worth and lovability into someone who goes for what she wants because she deserves it. Quenalith is older (how old do demons live?) and worldlier but on her own journey, reinventing her life after grief and fury led her to jail, and sweet Becky, with her passion for art and the artists who make it, may not be who she foresaw by her side but she brings out a gentler side of Quen that may very well be the key to happiness.

AITA? is Cassie Alexander’s first f/f romance, and I hope she’ll write more. My only real issue with this book is that the story is told in first person from Becky’s POV then suddenly from Quenalith’s and back to Becky’s with no warning. Adding the character’s name at the beginning of the section would have helped. Quen and Becky sound different enough that it was very easy to figure out who was talking, but it would have been even easier not to have to figure it out every time the POV changes. Don’t let that stop you from grabbing this book, however, it’s worth your time and the effort if you’re looking for something at once sweet and sexy. Oh, and if you’re going to summon a demon, brush your teeth. You never know who is going to appear and you don’t want to have cheese breath.

AITA by Cassie Alexander

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