Awry with Dandelions by J.S. Fields
awry with dandelions by j.s. fields

Awry with Dandelions by J.S. Fields

A short but engaging adventure

Ever since they can remember, Orin has shared their mind with Mette, who may or may not be real but takes a lot of space in their life. Mette and Orin have tried for years to separate but no amount of bitter potions or jumping off cliffs has proved effective. When Mette swears she’s found a new possibility but Orin would have to join her on the other side of the planet to try, the two of them, with the addition of Blathnaid, Orin’s best friend, set in motion a dangerous but potentially life-saving plan. If it doesn’t kill them first.


This novella started as a short story in the Behind the Sun, Above the Moon collection. It was one of my favourite stories in that book and reading an extended version was interesting. One of the things I like about Awry with Dandelions is that it’s both fantasy and sci-fi. Since I first read the Ardulum series, Fields has become one of my automatic-read authors, especially for sci-fi. I never know where they’re going to take the story and I’m constantly wrong-footed. It’s all very entertaining. They also write endearing characters, of which Orin is a good example: they’re awkward and smart and grumpy. Blathnaid is a great secondary character, the perfect counterpart to Orin. If anything, Mette is the least developed character of the three but I know enough to know she’s a badass and I wouldn’t mind reading more of her adventures.

For a very long time, I didn’t think I’d enjoy shorter stories, but I’ve come to like them a lot and admire the way authors manage to create a whole world, a whole atmosphere, well-rounded characters in a very short time. 4 stars.

awry with dandelions by j.s. fieldsawry with dandelions by j.s. fields

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