A very good butch femme romance audiobook

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butch femme romance audiobook

A very good butch femme romance audiobook

Review of ‘The Last Place you Look’ by Aurora Rey,

Audiobook narrated by Keira Grace

Aurora Rey is a safe bet for any lesfic fans looking for a butch-femme romance. She consistently delivers good quality stories, most of them set where she lives in upstate New York. ‘The Last Place you Look’ is no exception.


After Julia Pierce’s wife left her for her personal trainer, Julia decides to leave New York City for her hometown in upstate NY and take a job at her family’s winery. Taylor Winslow has never left town and still has a crush on Julia but Julia is adamant to play the field. As Taylor agrees to be her wingman for Julia’s dates, they seem to strike up a friendship but maybe they’ll find love in the last place they look…

This was an entertaining return to hometown romance with two endearing leads. Ms. Rey knows how to create adorable main characters, build fantastic chemistry between them and then make the most of it with great and varied sex scenes. Even though there is some conflict, this is mainly an angst-free romance with two down to earth characters. I loved the beautiful setting of the semi-rural upstate New York area, the beauty of nature and the nice summer weather. If you are looking for a feel-good romance, then this is a great choice.

Even though Keira Grace has narrated a few lesbian audiobooks, this is the first time I’ve listened to her. I liked her different voices especially for the main characters which were distinctive and according to their personalities. Her performance of the different feelings and her overall narrative tone was spot on. I’ll definitely listen to other audiobooks narrated by Ms. Grace. Length: 9 hrs and 33 mins

Overall, a very good butch femme romance audiobook. 4 stars.

butch femme romance audiobookbutch femme romance audiobook

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