Calling the Shots by Kelly Farmer
Calling the Shots by Kelly Farmer

Calling the Shots by Kelly Farmer

Excellent chemistry and character growth aplenty

Calling the Shots is the third book in Kelly Farmer’s Out on the Ice series. Some twenty years ago, Regan and Tierney had a week or so of great sex and possibilities but Regan flaked out and Tierney moved on. When they meet again as coaches to rival teams in the NAWHL, sparks fly between the congenial former Olympian everyone loves and the closed-off coach who hides behind her Resting Bitch Face.


As happens often, I don’t remember much about the previous books besides the fact that I enjoyed them. I honestly don’t know how much of this book will stay with me and it was a bit messy but I really really liked the characters. Regan and Tierney but also Tierney’s daughter Hope, Regan’s siblings, Tierney’s assistant coach, and even her ex-wife.

Regan and Tierney are opposites and yet have a lot in common. Regan is “the living embodiment of Bad Girl Lesbian”, irritating and irresistible on the surface but actually caring and endearing. Tierney lived all her life in other people’s shadows and has had to protect herself, something she doesn’t want her young daughter to go through. Despite their extremely different personalities, Regan and Tierney understand each other on a very personal level. Their fantastic chemistry allows them to think for a while that it’s all there is, yet they’ve found kinship in similar childhood experiences, a familiarity that makes opening doors worth considering. I’m all about journeys and character growth and there’s a lot of both in this book. A lot of tenderness as well, and my favourite scenes were when either MC let the other beyond her walls.

In short, excellent chemistry and character growth make this book well worth reading. 4 stars.

Calling the Shots by Kelly FarmerCalling the Shots by Kelly Farmer

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